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Fights, fights, fights!

It was crunch time for MMA matchmakers yesterday and it looks like they put together some pretty decent fights to brighten the coming months. Let’s check some of em out:

Tito Ortiz versus Forrest Griffin @ UFC 106
I wonder how pissed Forrest Griffin’s wife is that their honeymoon just got canceled / cut short so Forrest can get back to training? Or perhaps you look at it as how awesome she is for saying “Go do this!” And good for her. Forrest needed to bounce back quick so people don’t spend the next 6 months with Forrest’s drunken wave-off and cage escape in their mind. A good fight against Ortiz will help erase that memory, or at least put the Anderson Silva loss in a place where it’s considered an aberration rather than a sign that Forrest’s goose is cooked.

As for Tito, good on him for accepting a more challenging fight than I thought he would. I expected him to demand an easy fight for his comeback (and who knows, perhaps he smells the blood in the water), but let’s not forget that Tito makes his money off PPV sales so the money is worth the extra difficulty.

Antonio ‘Bigfoot’ Silva vs Fabricio Werdum @ Strikeforce Fedor vs Rogers
Yep, CBS will feature a pituitary giant fresh off a steroid suspension on it’s november card. He’ll be facing off against Fabricio Werdum in a match that seems to me like an attempt to build Werdum up more for a potential Fedor fight. And hey, if Silva manages to keep his limbs away from Fabricio long enough to knock him out, we all know Fedor loves him some big fights. If Silva gets past Werdum, it’d almost qualify as a legitimate fight instead of a freakshow. Crazy, huh?

Gegard Mousasi vs Sokoudjou @ Strikeforce Fedor vs Rogers
They were supposed to meet for the Super Hulk tournament, so why not? While I can’t see Sokoudjou surviving very long against the much better rounded Mousasi, Sok is a guy who earned his flavor of the year cred off knocking big names out in huge upsets. So while I know how this fight ends 9 times out of 10, I’ll happily watch it just to see how those 9 times play out and for the 10% possibility Sokoudjou pulverizes Gegard with a huge shot.

Melvin Manhoef vs Zelg Galesic @ DREAM.12 (the cage one)
Two guys who know how to bang, although I’m thinking Galesic is coming into this fight seriously outgunned. I don’t know how such a little dude like Melvin Manhoef has such crazy KO power, but he does and it’s very entertaining to watch. He’s a fish out of water on the ground still, but can Galesic take advantage of that? Manhoef is like a crazy super death ray you only get a few shots with before it is inevitably overrun and destroyed by the enemy.

Other random booking notes:

Andrei Arlovski vs No One @ Strikeforce Fedor vs Rogers
Yep, no Arlovski on CBS. I wasn’t exactly expecting him to show up considering his crazy price tag and his particular situation with Strikeforce (two fights two knockouts both to guys headlining the card), but now it’s official.

Matt Serra vs Frank Trigg (maybe)
MMA Fanhouse passed along the info that Trigg is being considered as Matt Serra’s next opponent. I figure the UFC is gonna be nice to Matt and give him some winnable fights after forcing him to fight Georges St Pierre twice in a row.