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Fights at the fights

I’ve still got a lusty sexual glow about me from the UFC stuffing the entire UFC 91 card onto the PPV. So it only seems fair that the people who attended the event live should also get some extra fights, right? Here’s a video clip of a dispute between two obvious winners right after Brock Lesnar took the title from Randy Couture. If you think seeing some dude tackle a chick down a row of seats is hardcore, wait till you see what happens when security shows up. Unnecessary violence? Probably. Awesome? You betcha!

It seems to me like there’s always at least one fight in the stands at most MMA events. How about ya take the time to share your own personal “fights at the fights” stories in the comments section? My experience goes back to UFC 77 in Cincinnati. Tim Syvlia and Brandon Vera were stinking it up in the cage when a fight broke out on the first deck. Everyone pretty much turned away from the cage for two minutes as two dudes and a chick went at it in the aisle between sections. Affliction shirts were ripped and popcorn was hurled before security came and threw out the guys. The chick (who was screaming profanities at security the entire time) was left alone.

Thanks to jackal Millertime for the find!