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CagePotato figured out Octagon Temp Brittny Ward’s best angle [Cage Potato]

Joe Soto joins the career threatening eye injury club. I’ve had it with these motherfucking detached retinas on these motherfucking fighters! [MMA Junkie]

Matt Mitrione’s sacked agent says prelim fighters make 10k-20k per fight off sponsorships. If this is true, I no longer feel sad for UFC fighters on the 8k/8k payscale. [MMA Payout]

EA MMA’s producer tries to spin that ‘not the UFC’ issue as a good thing. Suuuuuuure. [Sherdog]

Mitch the Intern returns for another acid-fueled recap of the Ultimate Fighter. [Jim Genia]

I stopped caring about game acheivements the day xbox live nuked my third account, but if you haven’t harrassed anyone online to the point where the cops get involved, maybe you’ll want to know what wins you some points points in EA MMA [Watch Kalib Run]