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Fightlinker’s Year in Review!

It’s a New Year today, so I thought I might do a little retrospective on 2008. In terms of landmark years, I don’t think I’ve ever experienced as big a year as 2008. There were so many great moments that I thought it would be cool to relive some of the best ones. Here’s my list of the most significant moments for us here at Fightlinker:

Ryan’s crazy health issues

Yeah, we all remember this, don’t we? Ryan’s health in 2008 was pretty suspect. There was fear that he might have some kind of intestinal cancer, which luckily turned out only to be a very painful anal fissure. You try to tell a guy not to shove a boot up his ass, but he just never listens..

The UFC Comes to Montreal

The biggest and baddest event of 2008 was UFC 83, which happened in Fightlinker’s own back yard. It was a crazy weekend; we met a bunch of fighters and hung out with writer Matthew Polly, who had come down specifically to meet us in order to have enough material on us for his book. The whole weekend made us feel like superstars.

Meeting Randy Couture, and going to Robin Black’s first professional fight

I met Robin in Montreal during UFC 83, and he invited us to visit during the opening of Randy Couture’s gym in Toronto. A couple months later, we went to Hull to check out his first professional fight. The entire event was balls to the wall action, and although Robin lost, there was no shame in his defeat. We also got to meet and talk to Evan Tanner shortly before he died. We still miss you, Evan.

Ryan and I leave our jobs to work full time on Fightlinker

Ryan was the first to leave work in order to be able to continue providing the quality content everyone craves so much. In terms of prolific, it’s hard for people to really appreciate just how much he writes; the typical blog has 3 or more writers, but until recently, it was all him. I was the financial side of the equation, so as the site kept growing and needing more attention, I also had to leave. Sure, money is tight as hell, and we’re broke ass, but how many people get to do hat we do?

Fightlinker almost wins an award

A few months ago, Fighter’s Only Magazine asked MMA fans to vote for who provided the best coverage of the sport. In order to entice people to vote for us, I had promised that I would get maced in the face if we did win. In the end, we came within 2 percentage points of victory, losing to giant MMAjunkie. How proud was I that so many people wanted to see me get hurt?

The Ohio State Athletic Commission hates us

Ryan wrote a parody article about everyone’s favorite UFC weirdo, Luke Cummo, stating that he was suspended for shooting 2 liters of coffee up his ass before a fight. Everyone picked up on the story thinking it was real, despite the fact that it seemed like obvious parody to me. The OSAC wasn’t impressed, and there was talk of pressing charges against us. My boss at the time decided to play a prank on me, and when I went to work the next day, he told me that police and a representative of the OSAC had come to arrest me. Not knowing he read the site, I foolishly believed him. Needless to say, I practically shit my pants, but the joke was still greatly appreciated.

Fightlinker’s Monikers stick like glue

It still feels weird when the stuff we say or do has a lasting impact on the sport. Ryan calling Dream Zombie Pride spread like wildfire. We now take that name for granted. Or imagine our surprise that an off the cuff comment like calling Edith Labelle “Horseface” could reverberate so strongly. Of course, we can’t take all the credit for that one; #1 Jackal’s epic picture with her deserves most of the praise.

Loosing so many bets, but finally winning one against Cage Potato

I’m a world class idiot when it comes to MMA, but Ryan is supposed to be our resident expert. Imagine my surprise when he starts calling out people to make wild and crazy bets with him. Of course, we didn’t have a great track record, as the two boys one cup and now infamous grape photo attest. Still, we managed to pull off an impressive victory against Ben at Cage Potato, who had to drink ipecac and film the reaction.

All in all, it’s been a great year for Fightlinker, and the future looks pretty bright indeed. The site and the sport continue to grow, and we keep making new friends. As great as 2008 was, Ryan and I have a feeling that 2009 will really be a landmark year for us, and for MMA in general. We’re working hard to keep making the site better, and hopefully some of the surprises we have in store will knock your socks off. Happy New Year, bitches!