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Fightlinker’s non-shitty UFC84 coverage!

It’s been a while since we’ve offered comprehensive live UFC coverage, and that shit just won’t fly any more. For this UFC we’re offering up the full package:

  • Live Blogging: We’ll be live-blogging the televised portion of the event for you … the beer fueled minute-by-minute accounting you all love that doesn’t just include the nitty gritty of fights but also how rough Joe Rogan is looking and all the stupid shit Goldy has said. If there was an award for totally sweet live blogging of an event, we would totally win it.
  • Live Chat: We set up a chat applet as well so the Jackals can get together and talk shit. We usually have a good number of people in there, so it’s quite entertaining.
  • Live Scoring: Those of you concerned for my health regarding the Ipecac bet with CagePotato can follow the score as the event goes along. And laugh as the CagePotato boys end up over their heads.
  • Live Radio Show: Right after the event is over we’ll be broadcasting a live Low Blow, so you won’t have to sit in your basement alone pretending to have a conversation with imaginary people. You can just pretend to have a conversation with us instead!

So we’ll see you on Saturday night here at Fightlinker for all the best UFC84 content!