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The Fightlinker Shirt Picture Competition

It’s been just over a month now since we got the Fightlinker store back up and rolling again and I have to say it’s been a great success. I wanted to thank everyone that went ahead and bought shirts from us, and then I realized why just say thanks? Why not give you guys a chance to win one of the new Fightlinker shirts that’s coming out real soon?

So here’s the deal: we’re running a contest / competition for you guys. Send us a picture of you (or someone else, or your dog for all I care) rocking out in your FL threads. We’ll pick the three most interesting submissions, and those people will receive one of these puppies:

So send your pictures to [email protected] by Friday February 26th for your chance to win. We’ll judge the winners based on the same kind of random whim and reader response we used for the Scramble Stuff shirt competition.