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Fightlinker Podcast : The Low Blow Episode 15

Lock and load bitches! It’s time for the only UFC75 preview show that matters: OURS! After watching the Countdown to 75 show on Spike, we’re feeling relatively qualified to pontificate on predictions for the UFC’s latest show. Also, Jake’s been out of the loop for a week and I get his fresh impressions on the Babalu situation. We talk about anarchists and steroids, Dana White chickening out of Japan, and ninja masturbation tactics. All in this tight 50 minute package … yes, tight like a tiger!

Down-Load the show here, or click on the talkshoe applet to the right. And for fuck’s sake, subscribe to the show on iTunes, it’s pathetic how low we show up on that thing. Do it, or we drown a kitten on air next week.

  • Guy With a Face says:

    Hey, I just downloaded a hilarious picture from Benji Radach’s myspace profile of him, Matt Lindland, Randy Couture, & Dan Henderson in what is possibly the gayest photo I’ve ever seen of 4 guys who could beat my ass. All except Benji are in some form of full length, spandex, speedo, or even worse, looks like Matt Lindland.

    I’d send you the pic but I can’t find an email address to mail it to you. You can google Benji Radach and look on his Myspace profile. You can’t miss it, just follow the gayness. I’m sure you could make a hilarious post about it.

  • Royal B. says:

    Au Contrair
    I tell everybody Kevin Iole’s deepest desire on the latest MMA Smackdown.

  • Swedish guy says:

    I’ll never use itunes, but thanks for the show! Now I just gotta squeeze in a listen today.

  • Pontus says:

    Great show today.
    Lucky for Rampage that he’s hairless otherwise Dan would go into a bloodrage getting some weird indian flashback and scalp him.

  • MJC_123 says:

    Brilliant show listened to it while half-assing around in the gym.
    Will ensure I try and incite a riot in the name of my fellow English brothers and sisters at the 02 Arena on Saturday at UFC 75, and it isnt sold out reckon 20,000 sold but if you prepared to pay “top dolla” you can get a ticket I reckon.

    Anyway great show you bunch of sneaky masturbators

  • Mr. Theplague says:

    This show fills the void that Loveline left when it started sucking balls.