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Fightlinker Podcast : The Low Blow Episode 13

This is what happens when you eat a bag worth of mushrooms and try to talk about MMA when there’s nothing going on. We compressed 2 hours of talk into 13 minutes of … something. First time listeners: do NOT listen to this show.

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  • groda says:

    New levels of insanity+hilarity=awesomeness.

    Please bring back man-sex crazed dirty talking sean connery for a regular spot on the show.

    Also, I suspect real fighters would never let themselves be interviewed by you idiots, thats why you should fake it.

    Great show.

  • TIGERTAO says:

    Best episode ever! I agree with all the above esp a regular spot for Sean’Bear’ Connery, plus the mushrooms seem to have brought out your inner nutcase…

    Next time script it, take more shrooms and rant for a couple of hours n’ edit to give us the choicest cuts!
    For shame tho, you could of talked about the rampant staph plague at MFS, Troll Lauzons pitiful Karo/Journo bateing shenanigans and of course Krazy horse being a pregnant woman beater who ‘made’ MMA…

    Glad your back,


    PS Ending on an Erasure tune was just a pure fag class act.

  • intenso says:


  • penxv says:

    George Washington would beat the shit out of Abe Lincoln. The Washington Monument is a giant phallic symbol for a reason. He was a genuine warrior. Lincoln was a fucking lawyer.

    Reach is important, but it isn’t all that important.

  • intenso says:

    my thoughts exactly, penxv. Washington was a military man and fought in two wars. He would kick Lincoln’s ass.

  • Royal B. says:

    Dude! Lincoln was not only a boxer, he was a collar and elbow Catch As Catch Can Champ.

    He will FUCK Washington up!

  • Jonathan says:

    Plus…one side of Lincoln’s face was smaller than his other side.

    But I like the way the show used to be…I’m not going to be on your guys nuthuggers.

  • Trust me, this isn’t how the show will be … but it’s been almost 2 fucking months without a proper entertaining show, so we’re coasting on fumes

  • Jonathan says:

    Maybe you should do some retro coverage of the old Vale Tudo Japan shows?

  • DJ Hapa says:

    Interview the orange robot from Japan.

  • He was busy out assassinating Intenso