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Fightlinker Podcast : The Low Blow Episode 12

Ahoy, motherfuckers! Prepare to be boarded by yet another salty episode of The Low Blow! In this episode we lament the lack of decent MMA shows, discuss safe oral sex practices, and of course cover Sunday’s WEC event. We also tried to hate on the Tapout show, but it was just too damned hard.

You can download the show by clicking here, or by streaming it on the sidebar applet to your right. Internet Explorer users can find the applet tucked away at the bottom of the page … I don’t know why it’s down there for you, but consider it a sign from God to switch to a better browser. Last but not least I hear there’s this thing called iTunes, and you can sign up for the podcast over there as well.

  • DJ Hapa says:

    I think you should redraw the Evan Tanner comic and post that. That was serious quality.

  • DJ Hapa says:

    For a t-shirt? I haven’t done one of those kind of jobs in a long time.

    I don’t think I should even be joking about this. Annoying DJs don’t last long in prison.

  • penxv says:

    One of my teammates has his last fight posted as their fight of the week on

    It’s a good one, you’ll like it.

  • Swedish guy says:

    Hey guys, if you like me are getting sick of the mma drought and more often than not throw up when seeing k-1, you should give the last k-1 show a try. It’s the one in hong kong, and there were quite a few devastating KO’s, out of which at least one was gonzaga-style.
    Only 2 or 3 fights out of 14 something went the distance.

  • groda says:

    Hey, retards, remove your fucking blindfolds and watch the replays of Condit/Larson again. Larson clearly tapped.

    Next show could be a sex-ed theme show where you expand on the danger zone and such.

    Also, I pledge to donate two packets of low-fat sausages with bacon flavor that I just bought at a sale today to the person who tortures Sherk to death. Don’t worry, I have six more packs in the freezer.

  • intenso says:

    bacon flavored sausage? holy shit.

  • groda says:

    I offer my most humble apologies. Actually the sausages are not flavored with bacon but sage and coriander. Apparently I’m gay. Probably caught it from the shitty cartoon. Anyway, I’m sure you’re dying to know that my new sausage-based diet is having a profoundly positive effect on my weight. I will soon be a snuggly man-bear ready to “grapple” with Ryan and GSP in a triangular cage.

    Anyways, my second idea for the podcast is to devote it to cooking, fashion and the alternative lifestyle that fightlinker and his “partner” created the podcast to promote.

    When do I get my t-shirt?

  • intenso says:

    Good show guys. Hilarious.

  • Luke says:

    Groda is correct. Larson tapped the knee of Condit on the way down.

    I listened to this podcast on the red eye this morning from LA to DC. It sucked. The red eye, that is. The podcast was great.

  • We were so dried out from lack of our precious UFC that we didn’t really feel the awesomeness like we have in the past. Of course, we’re our own worst critics. Except when it comes to the webcomics. In which case everyone on the Underground are our worst critics :-p

  • DJ Hapa says:

    Swedish Guy is right about K1. It can be entertaining, especially K1 MAX. I took a little hiatus from MMA recently and got hooked on K1 during that time.

  • MrRudy says:

    I can’t add your feed to Feedburner. How I do this?