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Fightlinker open for business this weekend

With Affliction and the UFC squaring off this weekend, it only makes sense to postpone our plans to go camping / have a picnic / enjoy life and instead stay inside / chain ourselves to the computer / blog all day. Not only will we be churning out content throughout the day on Saturday, but we’ll also be offering the following:

LIVE CHAT: Yeah, everyone loves the new chatroom, and it’ll go up at 6pm EST. We’ll be talking about both events all night long, so if you don’t wanna be spoiled, stay away. In fact, that goes for the whole site.

LIVE AFFLICTION PLAY BY PLAY: The Jackals have spoken, and they want us on Affliction play-by-play duty.

POST-AFFLICTION RADIO SHOW: The Affliction show is 4 hours long (5 if you count the Fox SportsNet portion) so I dunno how many people will still be up afterwards. But it’s no skin off our ass to do the show live vs not live, so what the hell. Just a quick warning though … we’re probably going to be very, very, very drunk.

This doesn’t mean we’re not going to be covering UFC Fight Night … it just doesn’t get the live treatment. You can expect coverage of that event to start popping up around 6am EST when we’ve finished watching it. All in all this is looking like it’s going to be an ironman session of MMA, and I look forward to gutting it out with the rest of you.