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Fightlinker on the No Shit MMA show

Our good friend Robin Black just invited us onto his No Shit MMA video show:

Episode 11 Featured Ryan and Jake from and Claude Patrick a 9-1 up and coming middle weight. Wow, Ryan and Jake are two crazy funny guys that have no problem saying, they way they think it is. Luckily we are a web show or 90% of what they said would be unusable, as they fully embrace being politically incorrect. We discussed Anderson Silva Vs. Forrest Griffin at UFC 101, Kyle Maynard congenital amputee MMA fighter and Kevin Randleman’s response to the suggestion he is ducking a potential opponent.

30 minutes of Fightlinker action including me looking like I need a shave and haircut while Jake just looks like Jake. Sorry about that. If you thought the guys running the blog were bronzed gods amongst men, this should convince you otherwise.