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Fightlinker is now cool by association.

Remember a few weeks ago I wrote a post about Shawn Tamiribuchi, the lesbian performance artist with a taste for blood, porn, and mixed martial arts? Well, she got wind of our post and gave her two cents about her 30 second loss to Kristin Niedzulski. Sounds like a pretty raw deal and the kind of thing that must happen at small shows across America every weekend. Here’s what she had to say:

Hey Fightlinker and friends,
Unfortunately the fight stoppage and a lot about the fight is under definite suspect. The ref wasn’t able to give a straight (no pun intended) answer to why he stopped it. he was also from the Lion’s Den, which is the same gym Kristin my opponent trains at. Kristin exhibited great sportsmanship but as for the ref, well I would argue he had a conflict of interest.

Here’s exactly what happened-
Fight starts, we start to exchange punches standing up, I go to for the takedown, Kristin ends up in top mount and starts throwing punches. I cover, realizing that the punches are nothing I need to be concerned about, I notice that I am near the cage wall and start to use it to flip off of with my feet to reverse my position (which Ken Shamrock should have done in his last fight with Tito). As I am half way through my flip to reverse mount, ref stops fight.

why I ask?
first he says I was on my side..
-no I was using the cage to reverse mount
then he says I wasn’t defending-
-Kristin was not connecting with her punches, I was unscathed.
then he says that she struck 4xs and I didn’t answer- funny Ken Shamrock didn’t mention this in the rules meeting.
The fight world is definitely political and as sketchy as any other.

I definitely want a rematch and will keep at it. I am super disappointed that I didn’t get the chance to actually engage in the ring and more so frustrated that I was told “this is amateur, we don’t want to see you ladies getting hurt” after the stoppage. This is MMA not a pillow fight. I was insulted by these words and if you watched the rest of the fights they got pretty heavy without any ref stoppages.

Thanks for the encouraging words. I know my name might be confusing to some and not having long hair and silicone tits, which tend to be gender determining factors in the ring add to this. I am trying to fight at lower weights and as far as I am concerned, the added pounded of big boobs and hair may work for some, but for me I rather optimize my power with muscle weight.

I think a lot of people come off as psychos, especially mma people who occupy the cage. Glad it’s a positive in your book! The Mental Ward of MMA, that’s fantastic.

Oh and if you want to see more videos and pix-
Syd Blakovich is my character who is supposed to be a psycho hungarian wrestler. Not a real psycho, but I play one on the internet.


Haha, that’s classic. I’d like to say that I’ll take a tough chick who’s flat like a board over some ditz with tits who can’t throw a proper punch. In fact, I look forward to the day when I can regularly watch the Barbies being pushed now get smashed by the real talent in women’s MMA.

  • nem0 says:

    “This is MMA not a pillow fight.” Haha, word. Here’s hoping she gets a fair ref next time she fights.

  • Trol says:

    Women’s MMA needs work. Why have different regulations for men and women? Women go through child labor and birth, they are not as fragile as men in the sports world think. If a woman has trained and has the desire to step into the cage and fight, then she knows exactly what she is getting into. I keep reading about all these Women’s MMA fights but the rules and regulations are all over the place. Some they won’t let you strike on the ground, others they won’t even let them fight on the ground, and I’ve even heard of some that they won’t even allow striking to the face! This is absurd.

  • Agreed … what is this, the 60’s? It’s really amazing how far society has come, but sometimes when push comes to shove you see the same sexist stupid shit come up again

  • Jez says:

    Seriously. I think that the reason MMA women rules are so fucked up is because the men who regulate them want to keep those same gender dynamics from decades ago in place to protect their masculinity. If women started thinking that it was okay to fight as equals, then females in society might execute physical aggression and that’d be a real threat to male dominance. Just a thought.

    Shawn wanted nothing more but to simply fight. The fact that presenter himself said “we don’t want to see you ladies getting hurt” is a fucking insult to her and to ME as well. Shit, I didn’t support her training/preparing for the fight, take off work and drive 3+ hours out to the middle of nowhere (not to mention buying a pretty hefty ticket) only to watch her be stopped 23 seconds into a bullshit fight. Even worse, they made her walk onto the ring while they played a Shania Twain cover of “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun”.

    I don’t even train, but after that I wanted to break some heads.

  • A Shania Twain cover of “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun”??? Wow. Simply wow.

  • anderson says:

    jez….oh jez….jezzy jez jez..jez. i just can’t believe it took you that long to figure it all out. if you would just read rosie odonell’s blog, she posted that shit 2 years ago.

  • shawn says:

    rematch scheduled for Dec!

    will keep up posted. Unfortunately I think it will be the same place, hopefully not the same ref.

  • Awesome, keep us updated!

  • Jez says:

    HA! Oh, right… Rosie O’Donnell… If only EVERYONE could read “RO’s” blog, the world would be a better place.

    Looking forward to the rematch. I’m expecting a comp ticket this time.

  • derik says:

    i dont know about all you but i would rather see a hot “DD” fighter win then a 12 year old boy lose!!!! p.s. barbie and tits rule!! wwwhhhooooooo!!
    rock star!!

  • Double d’s on their own are fuckin gross. B is the perfect size.

  • shawn says:

    Tits or no tits, I don’t care if you get in the ring and want to fight then I have respect for ya, but we need to actually be given the CHANCE TO FIGHT.

    If you want to just watch hot chicks, that’s cool and that’s what porn is for, but for those of you who want to watch fights, then that’s what MMA is for. You don’t ask your plumber to fix your computer, so why do we ask female fighters to be pornstars? They are different occupations and I have love for both, but lets be smart about it.

    So the date is on:

    Oct 5th in Win River Casino, Redding ,Ca.

    I hope the Ref gives respect to me and my opponent by letting us actually fight.


  • shawn says:

    although some plumbers are pretty tech savy if you catch my drift.

  • shawn says:

    SO the fights has been cancelled.
    It has been said that I had been contacting her? PLEASE let it be known that I have no negative feelings toward my opponent and have respect for any woman that gets in the ring to fight. I have not once contacted my opponent and would really appreciate anyone who’s doing it on my behalf to stop immediately. It really compromises the sport when the gossip and hype is used.


  • Hopefully they aren’t referring to us posting about it. Regardless, WEAK!