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Fightlinker in Fighters Only, Fighters Only in North America

We’ve done a fair share of writing for Fighters Only magazine over the past year, so I’m happy to announce that it’ll be much easier for you to find copies of it if you live in the US and Canada. Before it was only widely available in the UK, but now they’ve launched regional editions and you should be able to find it in most bookstores and non-lame magazine stands.

This month, Fightlinker has two articles in there … one column by me called Old Fighters / New Blood and one article in there by supercrap aka Mr Unbelievable Pants aka Martial Farts on oldschool MMA badass Yuki Nakai. We’re harassing Hywel Teague enough nowadays that there should always be at least one Fightlinker item in the mag, but the thing is worth picking up regardless of if we’re in it or not.

Here’s what the covers look like … there are different ones based on the region now: