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The Fightlinker Guide to Human Cockfighting outline

Since I’m gonna be sharing a lot more of the book with you guys over the next few months, I figure it’d be a good idea to give you a bird’s eye view of what the project is going to look like so you can understand how it will come together. Here’s the general outline I’m currently working off of. I’ve got a couple hundred topics and subsections for each part that make up the content, and the book is going to end up looking like a cross between an ‘Idiot’s Guide to’ on meth and the Daily Show’s “America: The Book”. There will be one semi-sane narrative working it’s way through each part of the book and then tons of sidebars, graphs, mini-sections, etc littered throughout the book to capture everything that doesn’t fit.

Here’s how the parts breaks down:

Part 1: The Basics
This is where we’re gonna go over what mixed martial arts is, why it’s so popular, and break down how fights happen, basic styles, rules, ways to finish the fight, etc. Basically it’ll contain everything someone who’s never seen the sport would need to watch an MMA fight and understand what the fuck is going on. Of course, the book is more targeted to a hardcore audience so the ‘education’ is going to be standard Fightlinker smart ass tongue in cheek style.

Part 2: The History
Right now I’ve divided the research and writing on this into three main chunks: 5000BC – 1000AD, which will include all that Conan style death pit shit and of course the Pankrationists of Ancient Greece. Then it’s 1000AD – 1993, which covers the development of some of the core martial arts styles of MMA like wrestling and jiu-jitsu and the unknown MMA ‘booms’ that happened in France, the UK, China, and America. Then it’s 1993-2001 which will cover the SEG days of the UFC and the early days of Japan’s MMA scene. A lot of the history stuff you’ve already read on the site is preliminary shit – more detailed articles I’m basically writing out for my own sake as I try to digest a mountain of info. The final product will probably boil things down to be more concise, funny, and entertaining. Even though there’s gonna be a bunch of wacky shit and satire spattered throughout it, I’m hoping I’ll also be about to jam in a retarded amount of interesting knowledge in there too. So from 2001 moving forward we roll into:

Part 3: The UFC
Which will go through how the UFC is currently structured including the more recent history, major fighters, Dana White, the Fertittas, and how the company is operated – which will include their cut throat business practices, anti-competition stance, and all the other stuff that makes the UFC the UFC. Again the tone is gonna be silly and irreverent. It’s also important to note this will not be an anti-UFC book. We’re definitely going to make fun of them and point out a lot of not so awesome stuff they do, but we love the UFC and think overall they’re doing a great job, so that’s definitely going to come through.

Part 4: Japan
This is the least developed part of the book since I haven’t done enough research on it yet. Depending on the amount of content it might be a ‘Japan’ section with some extra crap tacked on at the end about MMA in the rest of the globe, or it might become more of an ‘Around the Globe’ section that has a bunch of shit about a bunch of different countries. For sure though there’s going to be a lot of stuff talking about how strange Japan is, what the differences are over there, fighters of note, crazy incidents, etc.

Part 5: Getting involved
This section is going to be very satirical and will teach noobs how they can be MMA fans (breaking down the stereotypical types of fans, how to be a cocksucker at events, douchebag clothing labels, the internet, etc), how to be an MMA fighter (breaking down the financial reality of fighting for a living, listing the kinds of horrific injuries you could sustain, listing traditional martial arts and their effectiveness, etc), and how to start your own MMA promotion (which is where we make fun of all the retard orgs that failed and why).

Part 6: The Future
This is going to be a short and sweet wacky imagining of the state of the sport in 50 years.

At the rate the book is growing right now, I’m expecting it to be around 230 pages long. Once it’s complete and we assess the size, we might throw a couple of extra things in the back like a list of movies with MMA fighters or the unified rules for handy reference. We haven’t put too much thought into that yet but we figure we want to fill the book with as much cool stuff as possible while keeping it from turning into a textbook sized monster. We’ll revisit this down the road and hopefully you guys can give me some feedback as to the kind of stuff that’d work well at the end of the book.

So there you have it – that’s what the book is gonna look like. Right now I’ve got just under 100 pages of content done for it and am working on it every day for a few hours. I’ve got a date in my head for when I want to be finished and when we’re hoping it will come out but I don’t wanna jinx anything or set up any expectation I can’t meet. Basically for now all I can say is it’ll be done when it’s done, and I promise it’ll be fucking awesome when it’s finished.

One of the thing I’m hoping will happen as more stuff from the book gets put up is that this will become somewhat of a collaborative effort – I’d love it if you guys provided ideas, jokes, suggestions for improvements, and of course note whenever I say something that’s fucking dumb or just plain wrong. So feedback is always more than welcome and appreciated!