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Fightlinker 24/7

Y’all might have noticed that the posting around here has gotten a bit more regular. I attribute this to diet, exercise, and a large bowl of All Bran every morning. The seven Malaysian teenagers I hired to write at 2 ringgits a post help as well. Anyways, the point of this post is to inform you that the site will be active through the weekend, and basically active all the time from now on. This means no more dry spells every time I go on a coke and prostitute bender.

With the huge increase in traffic over the past weeks it’s time to start running this shit a bit more seriously, and I think you’ll all be pretty happy with the new level of commitment we’re bringing to the site. Last but not least, I know the site still looks like ass and doesn’t even display right in Internet Explorer. While I might change the template to something new just to get rid of compatibility issues, the big site change will come some time near the end of September. We’re dropping some mad benjamins on a retarded new system … honestly, I can’t prime you guys for how cool it’s going to be.

Until then, keep reading, start listening, join in on the conversation, and tell your friends. J’Taime. Big kiss. Show us yer boobs.

  • I noticed the increased posting. Props on finding more time for your passion. Best of luck with everything.

    Shoot me an email sometime, I have a proposition for you.

  • Cro-Cop Kills says:

    That just made my day. Keep up the good work. Love your site.

  • MJC_123 says:

    In the space of one week since finding this site I have started checking this blog before all others. Must be the way you pussyfoot around the real issues and sugar coat everything…;)

    Keep up the good work bro,

  • Swedish guy (forreal!) says:

    Great. Great podcast, too. Great hearing some good ol’ north american dudeness when trying to work up some enthusiasm for today’s work.

  • Jack says:

    Thank you for give me something to do during my work day with other than work!

  • Cyberjace says:

    I like the look of the site, simple and to the point. I’m not a fan of websites that are too busy, with things flahing all over the place, that are hard to navigate. Keep up the good work.

  • Jonathan says:

    I heart Fightlinker