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Fighting suddenly seems a lot less safe

It’s starting to look like the safety streak MMA and MMA-derivative sports had going for it has come to an end. First Sammy Vasquez dies, then someone training just drops dead, and now another close call leads to a fighter from Chuck Norris’ World Combat League in the hospital:

Houston-area mixed martial artist Jesse Vasquez is in serious, but stable condition after collapsing following a World Combat League fight Saturday night in Tulsa, Okla.

Details regarding what happened during the event at Expo Square Pavilion are limited at this time. According to a comment posted on a blog, the 33-year-old Vasquez completed the first part of his fight on the WCL card but collapsed afterward and was transported to the hospital. Fighters in WCL events compete in two three-minute halves with a break in between.

There’s not enough details at the moment to say for sure what happened, but I was watching “WCL’s Greatest Knockouts” over the weekend and what kept popping into my mind is how they kept letting fighters who have been KO’d to get back up and fight some more. The sport uses the standing 8-count and then the ref decides if the fighter is fit to go on. Out of the 25 knockouts on the DVD, I’d say around 10 of them featured fighters who had been knocked out getting back up and being allowed to continue. And surprise surprise, all of them ended up getting knocked the fuck out again.

I really can’t stress how dangerous and stupid that shit is. If a fighter gets knocked out, then he should NEVER be allowed to get back up and keep fighting. First off, they’re in no state to protect themselves properly, which makes the damage they’re liable to get a lot more dangerous. Secondly, who knows how bad two knockouts in a row can fuck up a dude’s brain? I’m sure there’s studies, and I’m sure they all say “It’s pretty damned bad.”

Anyways, as I said, there’s no information on the situation surrounding this guy’s case. But I just wanted to put it out there that some of the rules in the WCL are fucking stupid and dangerous.

  • kentyman says:

    The last name “Vasquez” suddenly seems a lot less safe.

  • cdcw says:

    WCL sucks I hate it when people mention it as if its MMA. They force the fighters to keep this ridiculous pace that takes so much of the timing and technique out of the fight. They are basically forced to stand in the pocket and swing. “So you want to fight” or whatever is better because at least the fighters are just idiots and arn’t taken seriously.

  • Hattori Hanzo says:

    ” really can’t stress how dangerous and stupid that shit is. If a fighter gets knocked out, then he should NEVER be allowed to get back up and keep fighting”

    And thats what boxing enthusiast and commentators can’t understand regarding MMA. It may look savage but the cuts are superficial and the moment someone goes limp or lies there holding their head the fight gets called off.

    Hopefully no one dies in this Basterdized version MMA because it will be linked to MMA somehow.

  • I know exactly what you’re talking about here. I’ve see those fights. They give them a standing 8 count then make them walk forward a couple of steps. But alot of times these guys are still very groggy. It is absolutely ridiculous. And the WCL’s whole gimmick is “knock-outs, not tap-outs”. They don’t include grappling so it’s basically kick-boxing. I don’t even consider WCL to be mixed-martial arts really because there’s no mix in it….it’s just kickboxing. I can’t believe they would sanction or allow those fights to happen the way they do. Ol’ Chuckie Norris needs to take a good look at what he’s doing. They’re so focused on wanting to see people get “KO’d” for ratings-sake that it could be very detrimental to the fighters involved. Down with the WCL!!!! I know some mma sites out there won’t even cover their stuff.

  • What’s even more ridiculous is that Chuck Norris is a blackbelt in ju-jitsu under the Machado’s yet he won’t incorporate grappling into the WCL because supposedly, to him, it’s boring to watch???? WTF??

  • Hattori Hanzo says:

    Don’t talk about Texas Walker Ranger that way!!!!!!!!!!!

    Chuck Norris destroyed the periodic table, because he only recognizes the element of surprise.

  • Michaelthebox says:

    Fuck the World Combat League. What a fucking joke.

  • Dangerfield says:

    Dangerfield>Chuck Norris

  • I’d hit that hot chick in the video

  • FightGirl says:

    I am VERY close friends with Jesse Vasquez and best friend’s with his wife. Jesse is a Pro TX fighter and contrary to the rumors, DID NOT have a pre-existing condition- as determined by the physicians treating him in Tulsa. He is still in a critical state and lots of prayers are needed.

    During his debut, Jesse actually won the second of two bouts and celebrated center ring with his fellow fighters after his win – he then collapsed minutes later and was rushed to the hospital. Chuck Norris and the WCL have been very compassionate and helpful and is collaborating with the family.

    Keep Jesse and his family in your thoughts and prayers. Jesse is a great friend, father, brother, son, husband, FIGHTER and Bushi Ban trainer… WE LOVE HIM VERY MUCH and he is well respected in this community as a mentor.

    Bushi Ban is holding a bbq fundraiser locally to help raise money for Jesse and his family on March 7 & 8. For more information, contact Bushi Ban World Headquarters in Pasadena, TX at (281) 479-7979.

    For those of you who cannot participate locally, you may make a donation through Paypal. No amount is too small. There is a paypal link setup below… copy and paste into your browser. Thanks so much for your help! ~Kristie Brown / FightGirl Clothing

  • danaunclefesterwhite says:

    If a fighter gets knocked unconscious, even for a brief period, they should stop the fight. It’s ridiculous to let them fight after that. Do you want these guys to end up with blood clots in the brain and cumulative brain damage? Especially when guys cut weight.

    Let’s face it. MMA, boxing, kickboxing, Muay Thai, all these sports are dangerous. Don’t buy into the propaganda that MMA is so uber-safe when it’s clear that with recent deaths in the sport, it’s not. But for gosh sakes, don’t be down right negligent by letting knocked out fighters continue or allowing the fight to go on for too long (Sakuraba and Yoshida probably agree with me).

  • danaunclefesterwhite says:

    That’s why Herb Dean doesn’t deserve all the crap he gets for early stoppages. As much as I loved PRIDE, it was disgraceful how they let Japanese stars take such a beating before calling it off. Sakuraba is falling apart after he took so many vicious beatings. It’s times like that where you hope they have a sanctioning body of some sort in Japan. Though Dean does deserve crap for not being assertive enough when he let what happened to Pete Spratt go down but that’s another topic.

  • Jemaleddin says:

    What you don’t know is that the WCL refs are doctors.

    And you don’t know it because I just made it up.

  • danaunclefesterwhite says:

    Why is it that MMA fans always say “WCL isn’t really MMA” as a way to discredit the WCL? How many people do you see saying “K-1 rules kickboxing isn’t really MMA?” Does WCL market their product as MMA? Then I would understand this criticism.

    Their product sucks anyway though. All they do is strike for points, they use shin pads, the amateur-looking pit and the stupid shitty team logos that plagued the IFL also. This league is a joke.

  • Geoffr0y says:

    Thanks for that vid Lifer. I was kind of on the fence with Old Chuck Norris and finding out he’s a bible thumper was just the thing I needed to push me over the edge to hate. Fuck Chuck Norris. Bruce Lee shall be worshipped even more in his stead.

  • i bet he was on the juice!


  • JoeRoganIsAnAss says:

    Rich Franklin got KO’d at the end of round one and they let it go. Came back out in the second, and got KO’d for realz. Tough dude, but damn…

  • The majority of sports – particularly contact sports – are dangerous, that is the attraction and what makes them so appealing.
    However, there’s no doubt that the recent incidents in MMA will have provided the ill-educated do-gooders with much ammunition in their attempts to discredit the sport.
    All sportsmen face serious injury or even death when competing in their respective sports – football, rugby, motor racing etc but it is only MMA which seems to face calls for it to be banned.
    The sport is currently being exported to all corners of the globe and is facing extreme crticism from many quarters.
    I have blogged on the over-reaction of one politician ahead of a MAX Xtreme fighting event in Glasgow, Scotland and it just goes to show the ignorance that is out there when the question can even be asked whether fighters are athletes or thugs!

  • Hard2stop says:

    Of course the WCL isn’t MMA, it’s kickboxing. Do you people also think that K-1 is MMA? Anyway, yeah the WCL has some awesome KOs, and like any other combat sport, it’s sanctioned under the states athletic commision. The refs I’ve seen in the WCL are some of the same guys that ref the UFC and other events. If you want to see what the fuss over the WCL is, check it out: