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The great escape

Showtime has called off Monday’s ProElite asset auction, so that means everything is still way the fuck up in the air regarding the fate of all those under contract with the organization. That doesn’t mean all of the fighters are stuck spinning their wheels, though. There’s a few guys who are going ahead and breaking away one way or another:

Paul Daley: He hasn’t explained how he’s doing it, but Paul has announced that he’ll be fighting John Alessio in Canada on December 5th

Scott Smith: Again, who knows how … but Strikeforce has locked up Scott Smith to take on Terry Martin at next week’s Destruction card. Strikeforce and EliteXC had a unique relationship on account of legal wrangling that resulted in a few co-promoted events. They might be using the clout from that to pull some strings.

KJ Noons: We all laughed at him when he burned his bridges with EliteXC and declared himself a free agent. And while his behavior and the history of his agent might have other promotions feeling wary about working with him, he seems to have broken away scott free.

Antonio Silva: A steroid suspension and the ProElite contract debacle hasn’t stopped Sengoku from talking to the giant Brazilian.

Jake Shields: Jake’s management have already announced that they’ve notified EliteXC with a breach of contract, which might mean he can go ahead and find some individual fights if he needs to. Don’t expect the UFC to step in though so long as there’s the possibility of litigation.

Nick Diaz: Nick shares management with Jake so the breach of contract situation is similar. Plus, Nick has terms in his contract that allows him to fight in Japan so long as it’s not 30 days before an EliteXC event.