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Fighters are still signing with Strikeforce

You’d think after the news that Strikeforce fighters will never compete in the UFC so long as SF exists, new signees would shrivel up faster than your dick in a cold pool. But at least one more fighter has fallen into this black hole of a promotion since then: 23-6 Jungle Fight lightweight champion Adriano Martins. Note that the highlight above was made in 2009, and he’s gone 11-4 since then with 5 more KOs, or as this highlight video would feature them: NOCAUTE! NOCAUTE!! NOCAUTE!!! NOCAUTE!!!! NOCAUTE!!!!!

Martins’ manager is Alex Davis, a man who manages Bigfoot Silva, Rousimar Palhares, Edson Barboza, and a bunch of other Brazilian stars. Davis also once said “A good manager can be the difference between a fighter becoming a star or just fading into history without ever accomplishing enough to really capitalize on his efforts.” So let’s hope he’s being a good manager with Adriano. After watching Strikeforce award Pat Healy with a lightweight title shot out of desperation / by default, maybe there’s some method to these Brazilians’ madness.

  • Dipti says:

    Tbh I also think its a bit giving him nebumr 2 spot. his last two fights he almost got finished in first round. Plus he is far from cleaning his division. And about aldo. Yeh he wasnt that impressive this fight. but have to take in mind how much florian made aldo think with the constant takedown attempts which made his standup not as fluent as usual.And to Dana about this p4p. remember that frankie also gets advantages from being the weight he is and giving him more credit for winning at lightweight is a bit ignorant. as you see gray couldnt use his size because frankie was alot faster. he wouldnt be as fast if he were grays size.I know Bj would agree with me ;)And again not taking anything away from frankie. he’s the man! but it’s to fast giving him the #2 p4p spot