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Fighter sponsorship?

Fightlinker prides itself on being unconventional so we think it’s pretty cool that the toughest person on the site is a girl, namely Roxanne Modafferi. She’s one of the top 135 pound female fighters in the world and is gonna be fighting Tara LaRosa, who holds the #1 spot, in November.

Roxy just did an interview with Sherdog … well, actually the interview was done a while back but has just been posted now. She talks about life in Japan and her training, but one thing that stuck out during the video was that she said she doesn’t have any sponsors.

WTF, says I.

Roxy’s fight is gonna get high placement on the AFL PPV in November, so I bet sponsors will start knocking on her door once an official announcement is made. But what do you guys think … should Fightlinker be sponsoring Roxy as well? We’ve never done a fighter sponsorship before, but I can’t think of anyone more deserving than Roxy.