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Fight switcheroo

Ben Fowlkes (who I got to share a few half gallon beers with yesterday … good times) has the super secret word behind what’s going on with the Lesnar / Mir fight:

Sources tell us that Mir’s camp asked the UFC not to announce the fight earlier this week since the champ had just had knee surgery that would prevent him from training other than on a treadmill or in a pool for 4-6 weeks.   The UFC apparently ignored these wishes and announced the fight anyway, which they’ll probably have to scrap if they can’t convince Mir that it’s no biggie for him to be unable to train before the biggest fight of his life.

So what will the UFC do for a main event in May?   The rumor is they may try and replace the heavyweight bout with Rashad Evans making his first title defense against either “Rampage” Jackson or Lyoto Machida.   If true, it would salvage the May event, while also finally indicating that the UFC is no longer in denial about the Mir-Lesnar fight is off.   As any therapist will tell you, acceptance is a painful but necessary first step.

That’s a very interesting idea … a switcheroo! Move the Rashad vs whoever fight from 100 to 98, and the Brock vs Frank fight from 98 to 100. It’s beautiful in it’s elegant simplicity and a much better idea than replacing Mir with the winner of tonight’s Carwin / Gonzaga bout. That was my dumb ass proposal last night. But as I mentioned earlier … there was a few gallons of beer involved.