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Fight of the Night.

Most people are aghast at the fact that Mark Coleman vs Shogun Rua was given a Fight of the Night award (alongside Davis vs Lytle), but Sam Caplan sees it as an opportunity to slip an extra paycheck into Mark Coleman’s pocket:

The news that Coleman vs. Rua received a co-“Fight of the Night” bonus has been met with a negative reaction from many people. However, considering Coleman’s contributions to the sport and the fact that many people that know him have told me he’s not doing so great financially these days, anything done to put an additional $40,000 in his pocket is an awesome move in my book.

There has to be a place in MMA for Coleman, one of the sport’s true heroes. However, that place is no longer in the ring or cage as an active competitor.

Coleman is one of those guys who wasted his golden years fighting for a few grand, so if destiny – or the heads of Zuffa – conspire to throw him some extra cash, then that’s frosty by me. Still, couldn’t this be done via one of those super secret locker room bonuses? Slapping ‘Fight of the Night’ on the Coleman / Rua fight is like trying to pass off Spam as steak.

I can’t deny that I got some cheap thrills over the fact that Shogun might be so terrible as to actually lose to Coleman via decision. But overall, this fight was about the worst fight I’ve seen in the UFC in a long time. Like … so bad it’s badness alone was what carried the fight along. So bad it’s just a big fireworks display of terrible and you keep wondering “Oh wow, that was really impressive, was that the finale?” and then the finale just completely blows you away with it’s suckitude and you’re left saying “Yep, that was most definitely the exclamation mark on that steaming pile.”

Maybe in person, people didn’t see how horribly exhausted Coleman looked during the fight. Or how afterwards he slurred through the post-fight interview like a fucking stroke victim. Perhaps there was a vibe in the building like Coleman was going to pull shit off, and that’s something we didn’t get to feel at home. Whatever the reasoning might be, it’s safe to say I don’t agree with that reasoning. BUT since it did result in Mark making some extra coin, I’ll let it slide.