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Fight Linking

A totally legit picture of Ronda Rousey training with the Diaz brothers. Looks like she’s breaking all her coach’s rules. 

The first episode of Dutch Survivor ripoff Der Schat Ein Mein Orifisze featuring Marloes Coenen is now available for viewing online. In Dutch only. Klootzak!

A lil riot broke out at an event over in the UK and CagePotato has the video and pictoral evidence that vindicates Gus Johnson once and for all. This one is a little weak though … we have MMA rioters from Michigan that make these UK rioters look like wussy girls.

M-1’s Evgeni Kogan was spotted canoodling with ONE FC owner Victor Cui over the weekend, fueling speculation that Fedor might end up fighting for the promotion in the near future. Meanwhile, Lorenzo Fertitta – everyone’s favorite good cop to Dana White’s bad cop – tells @CRISPY_PIG on twitter he’d be willing to negotiate with Fedor.

I know I said I wouldn’t post about any more Japanese gameshow appearances. BUT! Peter Aerts. Oil wrestling.

One of the fighters who appeared on MTV’s Caged was charged with battery after strangling a girl who refused to dance with him at a club. Sounds like some autistic bro-ism right there.

When asked about a GSP / Anderson Silva superfight, boxing coach Freddie Roach says he’s “talked to Georges about it and (Silva is) just way too big.” And the magic 8-ball take on this fight slips to ‘Outlook not so good.’ 

Dana White says they’ll figure something out so there won’t be any more extended 3 minute breaks in between rounds on TUF live due to commercials.