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Fight for the Troops odds are here

The lines are up at BetUS for tonight’s Fight for the Troops event, although if you were planning on betting on the undercard you’re shit out of luck. As it stands, there’s lines on four fights: Josh Koscheck (-240) vs Yoshiyuki Yoshida (+190), Mike Swick (-400) vs Jonathan Goulet (+300), Steve Cantwell (-350) vs Razak Al-Hassan (+250) and Tim Credeur (-150) vs Nate Loughran (+120).

If you’ve got the balls to play the underdog game, there’s some interesting picks here. Personally I’m putting down on Yoshida and Goulet, although I don’t recommend Goulet to anyone. Betting on him is risky – like sex in Africa without a condom risky. But I’m doing it anyways, because it just feels better, goddamn it.

I know I promised you guys that I would break down some of the bigger mystery fights on the card like Cantwell vs Al-Hassan and Credeur vs Loughran, but I would just be talking out my ass. All I can say is Cantwell is the dude who’s 1-1 against Brian ‘American Hero’ Stann, and Tim Credeur is the guy who’s fight was nixed back in June because he didn’t stop taking his Attention Defecit Disorder meds. Past that you’re probably way more informed than I am. And YOU come to ME for MMA news. How sad is that?

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