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Fight for the Troops injury updates

I must have prayed in the wrong direction last week because God fucked up my injury requests. First Matt Mitrione’s hand is fine…

As reported earlier today, Mitrione currently is suspended indefinitely due to a hand injury. Mitrione said it’s “a little jammed up and bruised,” but he doesn’t think it’s broken. In fact, he returned to the gym this morning. And if he gets the needed medical clearance, he’d have no problem “being like Chris Leben” and taking a short-notice fight on the Feb. 5 or Feb. 27 cards (UFC 126 and UFC 127, respectively).

…while Mike Brown’s hand is gonna need surgery:

“Thanks for the continued support. Wanted to let everyone know that I’m doing fine, but I tore a radial cruciate ligament in my left hand in the first round of the fight,” he posted on his official Facebook page on Tuesday night.

“Surgery tomorrow, a crazy month for sure.”

As for Mike Guymon, DeMarques Johnson’s camel clutch really did jack his back up:

“I had a problem with the rib, and two vertebrae have a problem there too,” he said. “It’s ruptured discs and takes four to six weeks (to heal), the doctor says. I’ll be fine. I don’t need a wheelchair or anything like that.”

All in all, a much lighter casualty list than the first Fight for the Troops event, which ended up a total horrorshow. Relive the carnage from 2008 via the magic of gifs after the jump.

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(gifs via mma-core)