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“Fight Factory” Pilot Episode

Check out the pilot episode of American Kickboxing Academy’s reality show “Fight Factory”, which premiered on nuvoTV last month, but since probably few of you get or are even aware of that channel, lucky for you they threw the show up on their website too.

Filming apparently started last fall, as in this episode the still-champion Cain Velasquez prepares for his first title defense against Junior dos Santos.  Meanwhile, rookie heavyweight Mark Ellis struggles with becoming more than a wrestler, being away from home, and dealing with his first loss.  Aging has-been Phil Baroni is recovering from shoulder sugery and itching to get back in the game, while his teammates mock him and his coaches and doctors openly question if maybe he should hang up his bedazzled gloves.  Even the affable Josh Koscheck makes an appearance, and talks about how great AKA is… but that’ll quickly change in the coming episodes.

Speaking of which, the series appears to be up to Episode 6, and the first four are already online HERE.  Enjoy!  Or don’t.  Hey, it’s your life, man.

  • DJ ThunderElbows says:

    Started watching the first one and it’s not bad. I’ll prolly finish it tonight.

    I used to hate the Long Island Bad-Ass for pretending to be from New York, but watching him
    reflecting on things like respect makes me feel a bit sorry for him. I wish he had faith in himself to leave this sport and learn a trade. But I understand how scary that shit is.