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Fight Alert: Clay Guida vs Nate Diaz

If I were going to try and describe Clay Guida’s fighting style to someone who doesn’t watch MMA, I’d do it thusly: Ya know those little facehugger creatures in the Aliens movie? They just keep coming and coming and coming at you and they’re fucking fast and no matter how many times you push them off you they just get right back in your grill. But in the end when they are on you they don’t actually hurt you … they just ejaculate eggs down your throat.

Now I’m not sure Clay Guida is actually doing that last part, but I’d still like to think that the above is a somewhat apt comparison to his style of combat. Guys who fight him don’t really have to worry all that much about getting knocked out or subbed. They just have to figure a way of dealing with his constant pressure.

Next in line to face this pressure is Nate Diaz, who’ll be taking on Guida at UFC 94. Yep, that’s right … the same card as GSP / Penn also lands this good lightweight scrap. Originally it was looking like Guida was supposed to take on Kurt Pellegrino but who knows what happened to that match. Perhaps the two parties agreed that they’d rather fight eachother? There seems to be a casual dislike of Nate coming from Clay Guida as evident in this video. That’s kinda strange though … you figure they’d share some common ground and bond over the fact that they both have fuckups for brothers.