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Fight Alert: CB Dollaway vs Tom Lawlor

Fight Alert: CB Dollaway vs Tom Lawlor
When: UFC 100, July 11th
Where: Mandalay Bay Events Center, Las Vegas
Source: MMA Junkie

Assessment: It’s a TUF loser fight that pits the fake tapper against the pee drinker. Joy of joys. The only good thing about this fight is that it will be on the undercard and it will probably end with Tom Lawlor getting axed from the UFC. And hey, if Lawlor wins … even better. Expect Dollaway to shoot, mount, and finish Lawlor easily. Unless Lawlor has the brains to do nothing but practice his armbars from guard. Which I doubt.

Hype: 5/10 – Doucheaway is good enough to keep this fight from lasting too long, so that’s a positive. And as much as I dislike his smug stupid fuck face, he’s not a boring fighter. So the fight itself will probably be pretty decent. Still, this is a step back for him and feels like a placeholder bout. A “Joe Silva couldn’t find anyone decent so just beat Tom Lawlor for us” kinda thing.

Odds: CB Dollaway (-375) vs Tom Lawlor (+400)