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Female fighter in coma after brain bleed in training

Shitty news I just got:

Jessica Bednark collapsed during training and was rushed to the emergency room yesterday with a bleed to her brain. The doctors preformed emergency surgery to remove the pressure on her brain. They had to remove a small area of her skull as well. Jessica remains in a medically induced coma right now. She is in ICU and can not have any visitors until Tuesday or Wednesday.

Jessica is a professional female fighter, with a record of 5-2-0 at 135lbs. She was scheduled to fight June 12th against AJ Jenkins and was training when this happened.

I was informed by her camp that she does NOT have medical insurance and depended on her job for her training and bills. We need to come together right now and help Jessica. Her family was extremely grateful that we have posted bulletins, but now as a fighter community, we need to extend a helping hand. Hit your sponsors as well…….

Derek Gould
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Ramsey MN

Here’s an interview with Jessica and the above video is her beating Ashley Sanchez via TKO in 2008 (Jessica is the one in the pink sports bra and tights).

I can’t tell you how shitty it is to see entire families destroyed by medical bills and such, and I say that today without a hint of the usual “In your face America” bullshit I throw around whenever issues like medical insurance typically come up. The MMA scene has always been surprisingly good about supporting eachother when something like this happens so hopefully that will help to a degree. I’ll keep you up to date on what happens to Jessica. Hopefully this will not turn into another case like what happened in Canada last year.