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Feijao relegated to scrubbing toilets

Jesus fucking Christ, Strikeforce. I’m trying to be nice to you here but you’re making it pretty hard with some of the bullshit you’re pulling. Not only are these guys sticking one of their brightest prospects in Rafael Feijao Cavalcante on the preliminary card, but they’re making him fight that fucking scumbag loser Mike Kyle.

Kyle is a replacement for the injured Jared Hamman who is a replacement for the cowardly Kevin Randleman who is a replacement for the injured Strikeforce light heavyweight champion Renato Babalu Sobral. Yes … Feijao was originally supposed to fight Babalu for the belt. And now he’s stuck in the dark matches fighting a total cunt. I’d take solace in the fact that Kyle is gonna get smashed, but not only does that do nothing for Feijao’s career, but I probably won’t even get to see the goddamn thing.

But here’s the deal: the last time Kyle fought for Strikeforce, he was stopped by the 14-10 Wayne Cole in under a minute. While I don’t expect Rafael Feijao Cavalcante to beat that time, he is a fucking beast and there’s very little chance this fight is leaving the first round.

So please please please Strikeforce, if you insist on showing Kevin Randleman vs Mike Whitehead for some insane reason over Feijao’s fight, at least cut out a few minutes of announcer booth bullshit and jam that godamn prelim in somewhere during the broadcast, okay??? Kyle might not deserve the exposure but you’re doing a shitty job of building up your future light heavyweight champ.