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Is Fedor’s Time Almost Up? BZZZZZZ

Another fight featuring Fedor Emelianenko this weekend means another host of blog posts talking about his status as the heavyweight kingpin, his legacy in the sport, whether he’ll ever go to the UFC, what his true relationship with Daffy Duck is, and blah blah blah fart noise.

Brent Brookhouse has an article up over at Bloody Elbow where he talks about how the clock is ticking on Fedor’s status as the top ranked heavyweight. Here’s an excerpt, fairies:

The only thing keeping Fedor on that pedestal right now is the fact that Lesnar, Carwin, Velasquez and dos Santos don’t have the established resume yet, but one of them will within six months.  Assuming the Lesnar/Carwin winner faces Cain Velasquez in 4-6 months, it would be an absurdity to think that the winner of that fight is not the world’s current #1 heavyweight.  The UFC “big four,” representing 4 of the top 5 heavyweights in the world, are all going to continue to battle it out in the UFC shark tank while Fedor hangs out in the lazy river with marginal top ten fighters.  At some point the competition a man faces has to matter in determining who the best in the world is at that moment.  Once one of the UFC heavyweights has established himself and gotten the two big wins they need, it will be time to re-evaluate who is the heavyweight top dog.

Let me start off by saying that this guy is right on the money. The winner of the Lesnar-Carwin-Velasquez mess deserves the top spot no matter what Fedor does. This in no way takes away from Fedor’s legacy. The man will go down in the history books as one of, if not the, greatest fighters ever. But rankings are a very “what have you done for me lately” undertaking. And the fact is that whoever emerges from the Lesnar-Carwin-Velasquez will have beat tougher opponents as of the past few years than Fedor has. Plus, whoever the winner is will have Junior Dos Santos waiting in the wings to unleash a fury of uppercuts on his head, meaning the tough challenges will continue.

But, practically speaking, who gives a shit? I know, I know. One of the main tenants of being a hardcore MMA fan is to argue about inconsequential nonsense about who “the best” really is, but have we really sunk this low? I’m guilty of it myself, but have we really gotten to the point where it’s even worth arguing who the “best” would be if one guy wins his next two fights and if he still fails to sign with the UFC at that point and if your mother is going to swallow my future children tonight (she will) and if another guy gets through a string of tough opponents unscathed and on and on.

Point is, there’s just too much uncertainty to even field this argument at this point. If and when the day comes that Brock Lesnar (or Carwin, or Meximelt, or Dos Santos, or whoever) stands atop of the UFC heavyweight pile and Fedor is still racking up wins against barely top ten opponents, we can continue the discussion. Until then, let’s all focus our energies on something more important, like legalizing MMA in New York, that oil spill thing, or boobs.

As a side note, if BP and the federal government spent as much time discussing the “what ifs” of the oil industry’s safety protocols as hardcore MMA fans have spent discussing Fedor’s rankings, the oil spill would have never happened. I guess what I’m saying is that the MMA blogosphere should run shit. Ryan could be Vice President of Merkin Fashion.