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Fedor’s problem with fanboys

Maybe I’ve just been out of the loop, but I never really knew that Fedor was a hardcore religious type until he started carting his spiritual adviser around with him to events and slapping on his crucifix before his belt post-fight. Now here’s an interview translated by MMA Cube where Fedor talks about how fanboys aren’t just annoying … they’re sinners too:

Just think about it, what do you do when yet another person, comes to take an interview: “You’re guru… We bow before You and Your talents… You are the very best…” – notes Fedor – You ask a person to stop, but he just cannot do so, he falls into some kind of euphoria… All you want to do at that point is run away…

It’s great when young guys, looking at the accomplishments of our athletes, make a choice to live a healthy life, and prefer the gym and not the street; start to fight with bad habits or addictions. It’s great when they awake their sense of patriotism, and guys are ready, if necessary, to protect their loved ones, their motherland. It’s gratifying when people go to the Temple, become church goers, go on the path to save their soul – says Fedor. But when the limitless praising of accolades starts, it becomes an idolization. To create an idol, according to the Bible, is considered a sin. And when you realize, that you’re involuntarily become such an idol for many, it happens, that you are the reason for this scary sin. I don’t want to be like that.

Q: Where is the sin – in creating an idol?

The sin is in that someone or something obtains such control over the consciousness of the person, that it becomes an object of worshiping…

Q: How do you think, someone can abstain from such temptation?

This question bothers me for a long time now, and I am deeply confident, that the problem is in person’s incomprehension. People should just understand, that my victories happen from God’s will and nobody else’s. And if someone is genuinely happy for my accomplishments, they should thank and praise Lord God, and not me.

I’m not about to begrudge Fedor’s religious inclination (although I am kinda interested in knowing if he’s an anti-gay bigot because of them) since it seems to work pretty well for him. But I’ve always hated people who work hard passing all the glory to God. There’s just something about a non-existant bearded dude in the sky taking all the credit for awesome shit that bugs me.

(props to CagePotato for the find)