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Fedor’s managers choose to sign with themselves

It’s Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada, so posting is gonna be light until Monday night. But don’t worry about me abandoning you completely … I’ve done a bunch of blogging ahead of time to take care of you while I’m out getting stuffed on turkey. Of course, this always brings about the danger that what I’m writing will be hopelessly out of date by the time it shows up on the site, so cut me some slack if that’s the case. For fuck’s sake, the fact that some of you come here for factual information is kinda scary. Don’t do it. Seriously.

First on the list of bogus stories that may or may not be true, TAGG radio reported yesterday that Fedor has signed with Russian company M-1 for the price of 10 million dollars. First off, this is TAGG talking, and they have the reliability of a coin-toss when it comes to shit like this. Next, you might recognize M-1 as being the promotion company Fedor’s managers own. Third, the fact that M-1 ‘owns’ Fedor means paying 10 million for Fedor is like me paying myself a billion dollars for this site. Yay, I’m rich. Oh wait, no I’m not.

With no other alternatives looking solid at the moment, I don’t doubt Fedor and his managers may be planning their own show for him to fight in. After all, the Bodog show was an M-1 show in every way but the actual name. This is also a good way to say ‘We’re in no rush and we don’t need you” to the UFC. So if this is true, it’s good news: we get to see Fedor fight again soon, and it’s not like this ‘deal’ with M-1 is going to affect the UFC’s ability to sign Fedor.

  • Tommy says:

    At this point I say fuck Fedor. He rather talk then fight anymore. I’m not sure if he is just wanting to be considered #1 and that’s it but to be the best you must beat the best and right now the UFC has the best. Why does it have to be a mega million multi year contract to start? Come fight 1-3 fights then see what you want to do. Maybe a non-title bout between him and Randy in the cage for a New Years special. Who is he gonna fight in Bodog that’s real competition and worth mentioning? Himself? I can see him shadow boxing himself for a pay per view. Yeah I’ll tune in.

  • Ted Dibiase says:

    i was assuming fedor would sign with the UFC after the World Sambo Comp in October since Dana wont let him compete anywhere else (exclusive contract). this would still give him time to get ready for Cooter for Super Bowl Weekend.

    he needed some time off to recover from that severe Indian Burn he suffered vs Mark Hunt when he tried to figure out how to do a kimura

  • LR says:

    The rumor above is incorrect.

    Frank Trigg stated in the podcast that Fedor has possibly signed with a NEW Russian Organization made up of some of the backers of M-1 and some new investors, from what Trigg said, he thought it was the same backers who have recently bought a few professional soccer teams in the country, oil tycoon group of investors. Regardless, the MMA promotion is brand new, not M-1.

  • steve24 says:

    Thanksgiving in October? Whens Christmas?

  • Swedish guy says:

    Oh wow. Somebody get Fyodor (yeah that’s the way to pronounce it biaaaatches) to fight already. He’s doing to much of non-fighting to be considered anything but a… uhm, non-fighter?

  • Rollo the Cat says:

    ” Somebody get Fyodor (yeah that’s the way to pronounce it biaaaatches)”

    The real reason he hasn’t signed is because people here keep mispronouncing his name. fYO-dr.

  • Matto says:

    Screw it, can we keep on calling him Faaydor, as in Darth Faaydor? It sounds so great when Goldy says it.

    Fyoyador needs to sign with the UFC and stop fucking around with these tiny little multi-million dollar promotions in other, less important countries.

  • ajadoniz says:

    I heard that his first fight at M1 will be himself, with $5billion to show/win.

  • Tommy says:

    Happy Thanksgiving Fightlinker