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Fedor’s management talks UFC possibilities

If Fedor were a hired gun, he’d be the kind of hired gun that’d take double the pay to kill the person he was hired to protect. Oh, I’m sorry … that’s how his management operates. But if they’re calling the shots, is there really a difference? After Affliction has blown a shitload of cash establishing Fedor in America, we now have Vadim Finkelstein saying this:

Question: By the way, Couture said that he is ready to fight with Fedor.

Finkelstein: I can tell you that if UFC will negotiate with us then this fight can happen this year maybe within the bounds of our joint tournament with UFC. We are ready to negotiate, the fighters are ready, everything is ready, the only deal is with UFC policy headed on their separation and singularity.

Unfortunately, the fact that Fedor and his team refuse to commit to anyone will most likely keep this from ever happening. MMA Payout sums it up perfectly:

The UFC may have no interest in hosting a one off Fedor vs Couture match and prefer the ability to deny that match up to a fledgling organization like Affliction. The UFC doesn’t need the match-up and therefore would have little reason to compromise or renegotiate their contracts, loosen exclusivity requirements, or make any other contractual concessions to get the fight done. Giving Fedor a platform to increase his profile would serve no purpose (other than the huge PPV numbers) to Zuffa if they aren’t going to have additional promotional rights on the Russian.