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Fedor’s management has UFC trust issues

Liddell vs Griffin wasn’t the only big money fight torpedoed this weekend. But rather than a nice right to jaw ruining things, all we have to show for Couture vs Fedor evaporating is a stupid press release from Vadim Finkelstein over at M-1.

Randy has proved long time ago to be America’s number 1, he’s got nothing more to prove but this contract brings him back to the position where he has again to fight younger athetes in order to earn the right he’s already earned to face the best. Randy is a mature fighter and putting him to the test now and again seems not quite reasonable to me.

Everyone wants to see Fedor vs. Randy. Apparently Dana plans to destroy Randy by signing him to three bouts. White believes that Couture won’t pass through the hard trial without loss so that eventually the champion will stay with the UFC. Randy is 45 and he defeated a lot of great adversaries but now he is set to face some upstart athlete who Dana intends to turn into the national star if he pulls the victory against the long-time hero.

Fight is fight and anything can happen. All this reminds me of the PRIDE situation when the organization was bought out with the sole goal of completely destroying it.

That’s why it looks like there will be no Randy-Fedor fight ever although we are eager to make it happen, both fighters are eager to get it on.

This is an interesting glimpse into the mind of Vadim Finkelstein and how he perceives fights and bookings should work. I mentioned before that Fedor’s management might be iffy to work with the UFC for fears that Dana would simply try to destroy him rather than help build him up. This certainly seems to be M-1’s opinion right now, although I think they’re quite wrong.

The UFC is all about money, so with Randy Couture they’re not trying to break him … they’re trying to break the bank with him. If Randy ends up cracking in the process, oh well. But it’s all about making as much money as possible.

Would Dana try to destroy Fedor’s shit once Fedor signed with the UFC? I guess it depends on your definition of ‘destroy’. If you mean put him up against the baddest dudes in the UFC then yeah, that’s what Dana would do. But when you’re supposed to be the best and you’re being paid like you’re the best, that’s kinda how shit works. Vadim doesn’t really get that, but what do you really expect from crazy Russians?