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Fedor’s management accuse Zuffa of being dumb

Oh, the laughs and screams and fun continue on this rollercoaster ride we call ‘Fedor being signed’. The latest big dip is the surprising news that apparently the UFC and Fedor’s management came to an agreement last week, but when Zuffa sent a contract over the terms were completely different:

M-1 claims that the negotiations were a success and that the parties agreed to what the terms of the UFC contract would be. However, M-1 claims that when UFC sent the contract to their office, the terms of the deal were ‘absolutely different’ than what had been negotiated and that management did not agree on what was stated in the contract. This is why, according to M-1, Fedor has not signed a contract with UFC.

This is some pretty wacky shit, and if it was coming from anyone other than Zach Arnold I’d be tempted to say there’s no way it was true. Because if it is, there’s only a few different possibilities:

  • The UFC is stupid and sent the wrong contract to Fedor. Of course, if this was the case it’s not like they couldn’t just send the right one immediately after.
  • The UFC is stupid and thought they could pull a switcheroo on Fedor’s management. Just because you can switcheroo the will on your senile grandmother doesn’t mean it’s going to work on some cranky old Russian dudes.
  • The UFC is stupid and are now using the Japanese way of negotiation: say yes yes yes but mean no no no. Maybe Dana picked up a few things other than hepatitis in Tokyo!

Overall, there’s no obvious reason why the UFC would do this that doesn’t make them look pretty stupid. Which is why I think Fedor’s management is making shit up. Which also means we are now officially in the part of negotiation where both sides start telling wild lies and stories about eachother. This is typically called the ‘hardball’ portion of negotiations. The UFC will start spreading rumors that Fedor was afraid of certain joke fighters like Tim Sylvia. Fedor’s people will counter with the idea that Zuffa are swindling amateurs. And so on and so on until someone breaks.

This may seem like a bad thing on the outside, but you’ll notice that in the past this is always the last stage of negotiations … either things are inches away from signing or both parties are going to say fuck it and walk away. And I don’t think I’m alone in saying this deal needs to be done or done, because we’re all sick of hearing about it.

  • garth says:

    seriously sick of hearing about it. just based on the little rumblings we hear, i’d say they’re still close. there’s something holding it up and neither side will budge, so they’re talking shit now, blaming each other.

  • steve24 says:

    I agree Fightlinker, I’m sick of hearing about it too. So sick and tired of hearing about it I could really care less what Fedor does now.

  • kentyman says:

    Are y’all serious? Sure, we all want it to be done, but are you really so impatient that you don’t even care anymore? As a Fedor fan, I am still extremely excited about the idea of Fedor coming to the UFC, even if it takes another 6 months to sign him.

  • sonzai says:

    Alexei Yashin. Pavel Bure. Alexei Kovalev. Alex Mogilny. Nikolai Khabibulin. The entire Russian men’s Olympic hockey team at points. ALL have had problems with contracts and negotiations. Sure, there have been others from other countries, but considering how small a % of NHL players are Russian, they may lead. Fedor’s situation is not at all surprising.

  • Cyrus says:

    Respect and caution are advised when speaking of lord Fedor. We all will wait as much time needs be for the pleasant outcome.

  • steve24 says:

    kentyman: It’s not about being impatient. How could I be impatient, if I could care less? The only fight I really care to see would be Fedor vs. Vera. That would be a nice standup battle. Sylvia wouldn’t last a second. Couture would just try to get him to the ground or put him in the clinch for all 25 minutes. Thats boring!

    Wanderlei signing is excititng because his style fits very well in the LHW divsion. Tons of tough fighters in that division will make exciting fights. As for Fedor in the HW division, I can’t say the same.

  • kentyman says:

    Vera? I can’t believe how many people still believe his hype. Though I’d like to be proven wrong, I think there are going to be a lot of disappointed fans upon his return. Remember, Vera looked pretty good back when UFC’s Heavyweight division looked as good as Cro Cop’s ground game.

    Fedor vs. Randy has the makings of being fight of the century, if Randy looks anything like he has in his last two fights and Fedor looks anything like… Fedor.

  • steve24 says:

    I don’t believe in hype. The word hype just sets everythink up for a letdown. But I think he is a well rounded fighter. I can’t wait for his fight with Sylvia, and then make a shot at Arlovski.

    I’m not saying I don’t want Fedor in the UFC. I’ve never said that and I don’t think anybody has. If he signs, great! If he doesn’t, then oh well. The UFC HW divison will move on. You have Fedor who is the #1 fighter. That means, he has excellent an excellent management team behind him. His management team vs. Dana White? Smells like disaster. Look what just happened, Dana trying to send them a bogus contract. What kind of shit is that after you supposeably sealed a deal. If Fedor thought what Bodog did to him was wrong and that’s why they left, then he’s got some surpises coming to him from the UFC.

  • kentyman says:

    I do hope Brandon “The Hype” Vera beats Tim “The Maine-ly Hype” Sylvia.

  • steve24 says:

    kentyman: You have to remember how poor the HW division was when Vera was fighting and winning. It was all about Arlvovski vs. Sylvia. And nobody liked Sylvia so we were anxious to see Vera fight him. So that’s why some of us our excited for Vera’s return.

  • garth says:

    “After the fight, in the locker room, Tra didn’t really know where he was. His corner told him that he’d just fought in the UFC.”

    Tra: “I just fought in the UFC?”
    Corner: “Yeah.”
    Tra: “Who’d I fight?”
    Corner: “Tim Sylvia.”
    Tra: “I just fought Tim Sylvia in the UFC? …What happened?”
    Corner: “You got knocked out with a head kick.”
    Tra: “Tim Sylvia knocked me out with a head kick in the UFC?!”

    source: “A Fighter’s Heart” by Sam Sheridan

  • LR says:

    Pavel Bure’s problem wasn’t his contract, it was his glass knees. Same with Alexander Mogilny. The glass knee brothers couldn’t get a contract negotiation settled because you can’t really value skill that has only reached it’s potential for a few seasons.

  • sonzai says:

    “Pavel Bure’s problem wasn’t his contract, it was his glass knees. Same with Alexander Mogilny. The glass knee brothers couldn’t get a contract negotiation settled because you can’t really value skill that has only reached it’s potential for a few seasons.”

    Pavel’s contract problems began WAAAY before his knee problems. There was the rumoured threat to walk out of the ’94 playoffs if there wasn’t a renegotiation. Also, the alleged Russian mob ties. There was the holdout as well. I’m from Vancouver, so believe me, I know all about Pavel’s contract crap. And Alex’s. They were never, NEVER getting what they felt they were worth and they were always getting screwed over, if you listened to them. In the press it was always about their money. And now there are all kindsa problems with young Russian players ’cause of the Russian Ice Hockey Federation. It’s all about respect for them. They never feel like they’re getting enough. Right or worng, that’s how it works with Russian athletes.

  • Thomas says:

    I think Fedor is scared of the one punch combination Tim Sylvia can unleash. Tim Sylvia will be a standup blanket and lay on Fedor aganist the cage and win a decision. Then Fedor will go backstage and he and CroCop will hold each other while drinking Vodka and reminising about the old days in Pride. Dana White will then rejoice, a couple of million dollars is a small price to pay in order to proclaim UFC’s dominance over Pride one last time.

  • el feo says:

    cro cop has proven that cage and ring fighting are 2 different ballgames. The Vodka comment was funny. I’d have to say that, in a hypothetical Couture-Fedor fight in Vegas, the crowd will be SO rabidly pro-Randy it could rattle the Russian, more used to the polite hushed Japanese crowd.

  • Ted Dibiase says:

    im glad i didnt have to read 25 pro-randy comments in here. i dont care how many news articles come out about fedor, im excited as ever for him to come to the ufc. i just want to see him fight again. its been a long time. im glad to read an article that comes out with some truth about the negotiations. its obvious both sides are making shit up. theres no way the ufc would send him a contract that wasnt what they agreed on earlier and theres no way in hell fedor would be scared of tim sylvia. that was the dumbest thing i read earlier on some other site. tim sylvia, lol. what a big dumb ugly flop. the super bowl weekend randy-fedor fight will be great, mainly cuz so many USA chanting homers will be depressed. Dana needs Fedor to carry the heavyweight division after Randy retires again. The HW fights are usually the most popular/profitable and Fedor is the top money maker out there. ALL HAIL LORD FEDOR

  • Ted Dibiase says:

    but you do gotta give some credit to dana for saying he dont want no part of tim sylvia. thats pretty dam funny-

  • TALC says:

    Just watch, after all this bullshit wrangling, Fedor will lose his first UFC fight to some middle-of-the-road schmuck like Liddell

  • garth says:

    unlikely matchup, chuck vs. fedor. also unlikely that chuck’s a “middle of the road schmuck”.
    but randy-fedor would be a war. and the fight we’ve all been waiting for for years and years…they just missed each other a long time back in the RINGS tournament, after Fedor’s BS “loss” to Kohsaka. His next opponent would have been Randy. Too bad.
    I think the only fight more anticipated, until earlier this year, was Chuck-Wanderlei, and that’s kind of fallen off a lot.
    ALL HAIL LORD FEDOR. And King fucking Randy Couture, baby.

  • Cyrus says:

    Barnett challenges the winner of Lord Fedor vs King Couture sounds like my masturbatory dream. That, and if Mark Hunt cut a couple and got signed to the UFC.