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Fedor’s camp needs to fuck off and die

I know everyone has been waiting to hear what we have to say regarding the “Fedor letter” from M-1 vice president Jerry Millen, but it just hurts my brain too much to think about it. Simply put, all this bullshit doesn’t matter. At all. Fedor isn’t going to fight in the UFC. It’s not like the UFC hasn’t tried to sign him several times. But Fedor won’t fight for them. So why should I give the tiniest shred of a shit regarding what he and his camp has to say about Brock Lesnar, Anderson Silva, and the UFC?

It doesn’t surprise me that Fedor is drooling over the idea of a fight with Brock Lesnar. He likes his fighters big and unexperienced after all. If it ain’t fatties or giants, its the winner of some pathetic reality show. A WWE superstar fits into that collection of characters quite nicely.

But you know what? I have no respect for a guy who calls out the people he thinks are easy pickings. Where the fuck was Fedor after Mirko CroCop had won the 2006 Pride Openweight Grand Prix? Josh Barnett has been calling out Fedor for years as well. And when the UFC re-signed Randy Couture with the promise of doing whatever it took to set up Couture vs Fedor, Fedor went and closed all the loopholes in his Affliction contract so the fight still couldn’t happen.

Fedor is a great fighter … one of the greatest fighters. But he doesn’t do himself any service by allowing his name to be attached to these kinds of statements, nor does he bolster his reputation by talking down fighters in an organization he refuses to fight for. The whole thing reeks of chickenshit theatrics. Personally, I got sick of that crap after 2007 involved Fedor fighting Matt Lindland and Hong Man Choi. The fact that he fought and dismantled Tim Sylvia in 2008 doesn’t absolve him of the past three years of absolute bullshit. No matter how awesome those 36 seconds were, they simply don’t.

So rather than release bullshit statements that distort reality, how about Fedor just go out and fight the best. Please. Don’t run off to Japan to fight the latest freak flavor du jour. Fight Andrei Arlovski. Fight Josh Barnett. After that I have no idea who else you can fight, but stop fucking around with dudes who have no business in the ring with you. Try to not fuck over promotions so badly that they go out of business. Ditch your leech management team who refuse to allow any deals that don’t involve massive irresponsible kickbacks. Stop acting like the kind of cocksucker athlete we left other sports to avoid.