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Fedor ‘wins’ via Achilles lock

Here’s an amusingly terrible auto-translation of the Fedor / Aoki grappling exhibition from Japanese site Kampiro:

HYODORU feet and arms to launch a cross-Sambo to throw an exciting again from Aoki, Hashi Aoki escape, take off your jacket on. ???????????????????????????????MITSUKU and the HYODORU and successful takedown by throwing rolls. ??????????????????????? But the move to consolidate HYODORU where the Achilles tendon. ?????????????????????????? Aoki then TAMARAZU “ITETETE” voice of the tap! ?????????????????????? The match took place on one HYODORU. Both were sent from the floor to the loud cheers.

Shinya Aoki Ring Mike on the “first word, I say please. What’s wrong with nudity. Today we got a good experience. So I do not know how many times after watching a player in Japan HYODORU today HYODORU I’d like to cheer the players. “

I’m sure someone will take the time to properly translate what happened into an article that makes sense. That someone, though, is not me.