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Fedor wants 48 million rubles to fight

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Kinda an oldy but a goody – word is that Fedor rejected Gary Shaw’s offer of 500k + PPV revenue, asking instead for 2 million straight up. At this point I’m really interested in knowing how much Bodog and the Japanese have payed for Fedor. The only time we’ve ever gotten to see his payslips was courtesy of the Nevada State Athletic Commission for Pride: The Real Deal. According to the NSAC he was paid 100k. Although according to Josh Barnett, those numbers aren’t accurate at all and there was a whole bunch of magic mystery money paid under the table on top of that.

I have my serious doubts that Fedor has ever gotten anywhere near to two million per fight. My bet is his retarded management just figures if they’re already making nearly a million bucks in Japan, they deserve twice as much in America. Never mind the fact that maybe .0001% of the population knows who he is or gives a shit about him over here.

The UFC is playing it smart by keeping in the game to a certain degree. Dana White has said he’s still interested and I don’t doubt they’ve thrown out a very generous offer that’s also tied down with all the standard restrictions we’ve come to know and love with the UFC. My bet is this offer is a red herring of sorts … they don’t really expect Fedor to sign with them but by keeping a contract with lots of zeros on the table, it justifies Fedor’s asking price with other promotions.

I’m not expecting to see Fedor fighting in North America any time soon. He and his management seem perfectly content fighting in Japan for the moment while waiting for the whole Randy Couture mess to sort itself out. At that point he already seems to have a big payday waiting for him via Mark Cuban and HDNet Fights. Why compromise that fight by going with another promotion in the meantime?

  • Jemaleddin says:

    A lot of people look at this as bad news, but as a guy who trolls the MMA blogs saying that Fedor is overrated and ducking regulated fights and top 10 fighters, I couldn’t be happier. Keep on screwing around, Fedor, and I’ll keep tweaking the Pride Fanboys!

  • FightStinker is RIGHT! says:

    You guys def don’t know business and how it operates. This is called a bidding war. YOu start with the highest number then you work your way down to who ever bids the highest. Go learn some marketing and advertising before posting this junk.

  • Mike_N says:

    Yeah, but that only works if the first number ISN’T astronomically ridiculous, Einstein. Something’s only worth what someone’s willing to pay for it, and Fedor’s essentially useless in this country without a major promotion’s marketing behind him.

  • Xavier says:

    Amen Jema, you keep that up.

  • cyph says:

    Fightstinker is an idiot. When you’re negotiating, you don’t demand a salary that is twice the potential revenue of the highest EliteXC event (Shamrock VS Le).

    There’s no making excuses any more. Fedor is either (1) retarded, (2) don’t really know his worth, (3) retarded.

    There is no fucking way the UFC would even pay 2 mil straight up. The UFC would only pay him Chuck’s money, which is 500k plus PPV percentage. No wonder the Soviet Union went bankrupt, they’re all crazy.

  • danaunclefesterwhite says:

    I don’t know what the hell Fedor’s Russian management is thinking but they shouldn’t be asking for anything higher than what Fedor was getting in PRIDE. I wouldn’t doubt he was getting 7 figures in Japan but I’m sure that he was making a lot closer to $1 million rather than $2 million.

  • danaunclefesterwhite says:

    Fedor in my opinion needs to fucking lose that Russian management team and get himself a reputable manager. Wasn’t Fedor’s previous agent Miro (the Croatian gaijin that used to be Cro Cop’s manager)? Why did he gravitate to Finkelstein? I bet that Finkelstein and his buddies are exploiting Fedor and taking a bigger cut overall than Fedor is. Fedor is too gullible for his own good. Monte Cox was one of the good agents out there. Handshake agreements and that’s it. But now Cox has an interest in Adrenaline MMA, making it difficult to believe that he is trustworthy anymore.