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Fedor vs Timmy = Money pit

The more I think about Fedor vs Sylvia, the more I wonder how the hell the guys organizing it are going to pull it off without losing their shirts. There’s still 1001 facts up in the air over all this, but as it stands the event is looking like it’s going to be a huge money pit.

Here’s what we know so far: Affliction is taking the lead on this and have agreed to pay Fedor his 2mil pricetag. M-1 Global is tacking their name on the event the same as they did with Yarennoka. Monte Cox’s Adrenaline has nothing to do with this … the only connection here is that Cox is Sylvia’s manager. HDNet’s involvement is still murky past the event happening at Mark Cuban’s arena. Word thus far also indicates they plan on airing the card on HDNet.

That last fact is what’s boggling my mind at the moment. That must be some kind of mistake, right? Because without PPV, how the hell are they going to even come close to covering the costs of an event like this? You’ve got the main event alone costing around 2.3 million bucks, and then you have to factor in the costs of the arena, staff, promotion, and the list goes on and on and on. Just because Mark Cuban might be ‘giving it away for free’ doesn’t mean there still aren’t costs associated with these things.

Believe what you’d like to believe about how rich people operate, but most of them don’t like losing a million plus bucks, especially on one night. The only way you can consider this a somewhat justifiable expense is if this event is nothing more than an elaborate and very expensive marketing campaign to set up the real money maker later in the year: Fedor vs Randy.

Even if that’s the case, I still think everyone involved is expecting there to be way more money coming out of these two events than there really will be. Strikeforce is the only promotion other than the UFC in America who’s managed to take in over a million bucks in paid gate on a single event. And even if these guys decide to put the fights on PPV, it’s still a huge uphill battle. Fedor vs Lindland did 13k buys. Yes, only thirteen thousand buys. PRIDE 33 did 30k buys. Every MMA company that’s tried to break in on the pay per view business thus far has crashed and burned.

As things look now, you can pretty much guarantee that any fight between Fedor and Timmy is going to lose a fuckload of money. If it’s just being organized as a lead-in for Fedor vs Randy, that’s some pretty damn reckless tactics going on there. There’s two massive ‘what ifs’ surrounding that fight: Fedor could lose to Sylvia and Randy could still be locked up by the UFC for the foreseeable future. And those are just the two most obvious disasters waiting to happen. God knows, Fedor and his managers aren’t exactly known for working well with others. What’s to stop them from torpedoing the whole situation by striking some kind of deal with the UFC halfway through this plan?

All in all, the whole situation (like everything involving Fedor lately) is fucking retardo. But hey … at least it’s not my money.

  • Ted Dibiase says:

    where do you get the 2mil for fedor? he didnt get that much in japan. i heard he only took in half a mil.

    mark cuban has been known to eat large chunks of money to get things his way. he regularly goes over the nba salary cap and pays a huge fine for it just so he can have better players.

    cuban wants to stick it to the ufc. im sure he’ll do anything.

    if big nog can take out sylvia… fedor will.

  • clint notestine says:

    Ted thats how much Monte Cox says Fedor wanted to be in Adrenaline MMA.

    I hope this is on HDnet just so more people will see it but you are right I don’t see how any money is going to be made on hdnet or ppv. I don’t think Fedor is worth $1 million dollars let alone 2 but hey its his career.

  • godzillad says:

    ”if big nog can take out sylvia… fedor will.”

    LOL. Fedor can armbar Giant Man Choi and Mark ”Jiu Jitsu?” Coleman all he wants, his submission game will never be as good as even Nog’s unborn half-Asian children’s.

  • Xavier says:

    “mark cuban has been known to eat large chunks of money to get things his way. he regularly goes over the nba salary cap and pays a huge fine for it just so he can have better players.”

    You don’t know much about NBA economics (you don’t get a fine for going over the salary cap, you get a fine for going into luxury tax level which is far above the salary cap). Yeah, he pays a luxury tax of about eight or nine million, but the Mavericks are one of the most profitable franchises in the NBA because he gets all the revenue from the gate and all the revenue from concessions. Plus he has a lucrative TV deal. The Mavericks are one of the most profitable franchises. Cuban can spend money because they make money. He’s no Paul Allen, god bless Paul Allen.

    Lastly, despite the relatively lucrative nature of the Mavericks, Cuban has been known to penny pitch. There is a reason Nash is on the Suns and it’s not a lack of talent.

    Everyone acts like Cuban is Mr. King Shit on this blog, but any non-Mavericks NBA fan can’t really stand the guy. He’s a loudmouth, he’s irrational, and he is a giant f’n baby often. Look at his recent attempt to ban NBA bloggers. What a big fucking baby. He has all of Dana White’s flaws x 1,000 + dishonesty. MMA fans just haven’t been exposed to it yet. Despite my dislike of him, though, it is patently obvious that he’s a good businessman. He won’t lose two million+ on any event. He’ll make sure he doesn’t foot the entire bill.

  • Millertime says:

    The only way it will make money is if it is in Japan.

  • Zane says:

    How naive am I but why can’t MMA not have intricate business strategy behind it. The best fighters should fight and you should get paid based on how much you draw and how well you fight. All the fights that don’t happen because of Exclusive contracts and the huge egos of the men running the game is why I have been so frustrated. The UFC lately has stepped its game up in match making though, and have started to give the fans what we ask to see. I give them credit for starting to build real contenders and stop the sheltering of their pride and joys, though Chuck has always fought the best. But EliteXC has 2 major fights cancelled a week before the event which featured arguably their two best fighters. Way too many rules and regulations, and business men who have a moral set that reflects a money only mind. Dana might be an asshole but he loves the sport as well and he knows what is best when it comes down to it. Knowing Gary Shaw has these amazing fighters under his wing makes me feel so uneasy. I just have the impression he will ruin the careers of some guys because he can’t market them or make belts that hold any value. I just want to be able to see Gilbert Melendez Vs. Roger Huerta or Josh Barnett Vs. Brandon Vera, Georges St. Pierre Vs. Jake Shields, Gomi Vs. Florian. I mean the list goes on…anyone else got a good one? I’m sure there are millions we will never see. I don’t even know what I am really trying to say, I just feel like I am getting cheated because of the almighty dollar.

  • Accomando says:

    “…Fedor vs Lindland did 13k buys. Yes, only thirteen thousand buys…”

    Now I feel even more specialier… I thought it was 15,000 buys all along! It’s even more pathetic than I thought.

    By the way, the BoDogFight PPV with Fedor was a total waste of money, finally deleted it off the DVR bout a month ago.

    Fedor is an albatross. # 1 MMA heavyweight is a Russian (just like in boxing) which means, he/they ain’t gonna draw shit in the U.S.

    “The Great White Hope” only refers to American White guys. For proof, go look at the top 5 heavyweight boxers, like 4 of 5 are “white guys” from former soviet republics, which means they ain’t gonna draw Nada in interest or PPV money, at least here in the U.S. The only way Fedor could become popular in America would be for him to fight in the UFC, that’s it, end of story.

    Anyone organization other than the UFC who signs Fedor will lose their ass. For proof, tell me how BoDogFight is doing…..

  • Ted Dibiase says:

    nobody likes the mavericks!

  • six30two says:

    A money pit? For who? If Affliction is paying Fedor’s salary, then why wouldn’t Cuban want to promote the fight?

  • mmadude77 says:

    Mark Cuban is a Genius, he knows Fedor isn’t a huge draw for PPV but once he ushers in mma thru HDnet and people begin to see Fedor and mma, then and only then he can profit in a huge way down the line. Is it a big risk, hell yeah, but a risk worth taking. Dana White is such a control fight with promoting everything for UFC. He only cares for mma if it represents UFC only. Look at Nog, he has become Dana Whites puppet promoting UFC!