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Fedor vs delicious honey drink

The majority of Fedor’s fights of late have occurred outside the ring, although some of them are just as retarded. Up there with “fighting a big fat guy” and “fighting a Korean giant” is the latest: suing a Korean honey drink maker over his image.

South Korean prosecutors indicted the local chief of a Russian martial arts agency for fraud Monday after he allegedly used the publicity rights of Fedor Emelianenko, the famed Russian mixed martial arts fighter, without consent.

Emelianenko filed the suit early this month over a “shoddy” honey commercial that went on air on Korean cable television featuring his image. The world heavyweight champion sought 1.55 billion won ($1.6 million) in compensation from the president of Korea Sambo Federation and the head of a local apiculture agency whose honey product the commercial promoted.

The Seoul Central District Prosecutors’ Office charged that the local Sambo chief, whose name could not be identified because he is on trial, received 22 million won from the advertisers in 2006, claiming that he owned the exclusive right to locally use Emelianenko’s identity for commercial promotion. He was only entitled to a one-year negotiation right with Emelianenko and was yet to sign the real contract granting him the fighter’s publicity, prosecutors said. The man was indicted without physical detention, said Lee Tae-gwan, a prosecutor in charge of the case.

What interests me here is that Fedor’s in the damn commercial drinking the damn honey. How exactly is it that they’re using his likeness without permission when they filmed him for the commercial? Seems a bit fishy to me. My only guess is the Korean honey people payed for Fedor’s custom footage, but not the actual sambo footage. Is there anyone out there who involves themselves with Fedor’s management that doesn’t end up getting fucked over?

  • Gavin says:

    That’s the best commercial ever. I’ve almost been tricked into chugging some honey like Fedor.

  • I just read somewhere about an hour ago that the legal wranglings were due to them only paying to use his likeness for a year, or something, and it being beyond a year now.
    I can’t give you any more details or even tell you where I read it because I have the short-term memory of a banana.

  • x5BoltMainx says:

    So do you sometimes forget to pee standing up?

    Why the hell would you film the commercial if the guy hasn’t signed the contract? It’s obvious that he only cares about the $ & not fighting the best anymore. I’m fine with him sticking with the circus & fighting on the freak show.

  • jjdnb says:

    seems Fedor is master of agreeing to be part of something but not signing contracts and then either getting out of the deal and/or sueing for damages.
    Fedor “Shaddy Business” Emelineko

  • Xavier says:

    So they negotiated a deal with Fedor where he’d be in their honey commercial drinking honey, Fedor shows up and drinks the honey (why?), then later Fedor sues the honey company for using the footage because they didn’t have a contract?

    Where’s the detail that the honey company is owned by Monte Cox, because that would just be the tops.