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Fedor to fight some loser on NYE

While BJ Penn takes on Georges St Pierre and Quinton Jackson takes on Mauricio Rua over in Vegas (hopefully, barring any more cases of delusion or fucked up knees), there’ll be another superfight going on in Japan:

Early speculation centered on a rematch of Emelianenko’s tremendous points win in 2005 over Mirko Filipovic. However, a representative for the No. 1-ranked heavyweight said it’s doubtful the fight would take place at this time. In a bout intended for Japanese fight fans, Emelianenko will likely meet a “judo legend or sumo wrestler.”

Mirko must have realized how Fedor works. Since he rarely ever fights the best, Mirko just had to try and fight as poorly as possible in order to get a shot. But the Japanese have proven that there’s always someone fatter / taller / less experienced in MMA, and it’s a tradition that Fedor only fights the absolute goddamn worst on New Year’s Eve.

But why not look at this as a charitable action on Fedor’s part … a gift to us from him! Think of it like Lance Armstrong riding with cancer kids over the holidays, except instead of riding with them he’s smashing them in their little bald heads with his handlebars and taking a shit in the lobby of the American Cancer Society. This is the magic of Fedor. This is his gift to the world. Let’s be thankful.