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Fedor press conference scheduled for tomorrow

Hooray! ::fart noise::

Tomorrow in Anaheim, California the top ranked heavyweight fighter on the planet will address the current state of his career during a press conference. Fedor’s manager, Vadim Finkelchtein — whose name is Russian for Snidely Whiplash — had this to say:

Since the cancellation (of “Affliction: Trilogy”), there has been a great deal of speculation regarding Fedor and M-1. On Wednesday, the media and fans will be able to hear what’s going on with Fedor from the man himself.

I remember when the news broke last week that Affliction’s third event had been cancelled and thinking to myself “Holy shit! What does this news mean for M-1 Global? The repercussions are sure going to affect my boy Vadim in a big way!” I’m just kidding. Almost had you fooled, didn’t I? That thought never once came into my mind. Actually, while sitting here and trying to come up with things I care about less than the Fink’s business ventures, all I could come up with was Rob Schneider movies and the potential extinction of pandas. Fuck Schneider, fuck pandas, and fuck the Fink.

The job of any good manager/agent is simple: do whatever it takes to obtain the best possible deal for your client. After all, a better deal for your client means more cash in your wallet, and keeping your client happy also means they’re more likely to keep you employed. The Fink has taken this concept to a whole new level by sacrificing what’s best for Fedor’s career for the sake of what benefits M-1 Global — the Fink’s company — in the best possible way.

Common sense indicates that upon signing with the UFC, Fedor would receive significantly higher pay, much more exposure, and a higher quality of opponents than he would elsewhere. But the UFC refuses to co-promote with M-1 because it makes zero sense to do so. That means — if Vadim refuses to budge — that Fedor will be stuck fighting cartoon characters in Japan or lower quality opponents in Strikeforce. AWESOME.