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Fedor plans to fight twice more this year

After bumming around like a stoner trust fund kid for the past year or so, it seems like Fedor might actually be doing a reasonable amount of fighting in the coming months. That’s good news! But as with all Fedor news, there’s always a shitty lining to be found:

“Two more fights are planned for Fedor. The first one in October in the context of the next Affliction show in conjunction with M-1 Global,” Finkelstein told M-1 Mixfight.

“The second one at New Year’s Eve in Japan, most likely it’s going to be the M-1 Challenge Finale and Fedor will compete in a superfight, probably his opponent will be the winner of ‘Fighting Fedor’ or another top fighter,” he added.

I don’t think ANYONE wants to watch Fedor fight the winner of some shitty reality show. Unless of course Mirko Crocop enters wearing a wig and handlebar mustache. He’d fight his way to the finale on New Years Eve and then rip off the wig and go “Haha! It was me all along, you tubby cunt! Prepare to die.” But the handlebar mustache would stay on, because it was real. Because handlebar mustaches fucking rock.

If only reality was that awesome.