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Fedor out

More bad news for Affliction as 5 ounces reports that Fedor is off the card with a hand injury. The big question now is if they can still do well without their marquee fighter or if they’re gonna pull an EliteXC and get their asses handed to them in this next show. Affliction is reportedly trying to set up Barnett-Arlovski as a replacement, which would have been okay I guess if we hadn’t known the original plan was supposed to be Fedor-Arlovski.

Of course, this just intensifies rumors that Affliction is gunning for Tito Ortiz. But is Tito vs Babalu a big enough fight to fill Fedor’s shoes? Are there any fights out there that can really replace the ‘draw’ Fedor had (and I put that in quotes because of the rumors regarding gate tomfoolery and sub-100k ppv sales)? Or is Affliction setting itself up for another retardedly expensive card with no ace up it’s sleeve?

Affliction’s Tom Atencio is saying they’re going to release a good chunk of the lineup info next weekend, so I guess we’ll find out more then (and probably more before then, with the way news leaks so quickly).