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Fedor on SpikeTV?


Dana White says Fedor will be featured in the second season of Spike’s PRIDE show. I’m not gonna hold my breath, but at least it’s a more positive thing to hear from Dana regarding Fedor than what he was saying back in July:

“You think I’m going to open the doors and say, come on in and try to compete with my business and do this and do that? You want to go out and you want to become a competitor with me and I’ve said this publicly many times, you know, and I really don’t give a [expletive] what anybody thinks about it. You want to come out and compete with me? Let’s compete and competing is fighting and we’re going to fight and compete until somebody wins and somebody loses.”

While everyone seems to really enjoy the Best of PRIDE show, there’s two big complaints: Kendra Perez – who is hot but reads all her lines with the skill of a ten year old – and Zuffa’s habit of rewriting history by pretending fighters like Fedor don’t exist. Whether this is the company softening it’s stance on 1984 style revisionism or just them running out of great fights to show, who knows. But I’ll take it any way I can get it.