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Is Fedor more powerful than Brock?

Business Week has put together a top 100 list of ‘powerful athletes’ and a lot of people are freaking out because Fedor is ranked number 82 over Brock Lesnar, who’s sitting at number 96. Here’s Steve Cofield’s take:

Nothing against Fedor, Cagewriter has had the Russian legend ranked No. 1 on its pound-for-pound list since it joined Yahoo! Sports in June of 2008, but it’s hard to make a case that he has the biggest financial might in the MMA world. By the end of 2010, with two more CBS fights under his belt, maybe. But right now Lesnar, who just appeared on ESPN’s SportsCenter last week, and American stars Randy Couture, Chuck Liddell and Tito Ortiz along with French-Canadian phenom Georges St. Pierre would all appear to have more economic impact.

Now obviously lists like this are mostly fluff and don’t mean anything, but I would still agree that Fedor should be ahead of Brock in business power rankings based on the fact that he’s the only major fighter right now who fights for his own promotion company, M-1 Global. The fact that anyone booking Fedor has to ‘co-promote’ with him shows how much power he’s got.