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Fedor might be fighting on NYE in Japan

It’s 6 fucking AM in the morning and DREAM is now taking an intermission so the Japanese fans can go sit on their heated toilets and drop some rice-laden poo down. I’m prepping for some very painful filler content from HDNet, but they started out with some very interesting news: Fedor is in the building and according to Ron Kruck, there’s rumors that he’s there to negotiate a New Years Eve bout in Japan against the winner of CroCop / Overeem.

Of course, this would potentially fuck Affliction over hardcore. But hey, who cares? Certainly not Fedor and his crew. Ah, sweet chaos. How I missed thee.

*UPDATE* Fedor just came out and says he has ‘a great wish’ to fight on NYE in Japan this year. Which is basically what he said last year too.