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Fedor mentions retirement, but his translator doesn’t

A lot of people are looking forward to Fedor finishing up his Strikeforce contract against Fabricio Werdum and Alistair Overeem because they figure after that there’ll be nothing left for him in Strikeforce and he’ll just HAVE to sign with the UFC then. But those people don’t know Fedor very well – which may be understandable since it looks like Fedor’s translator (who also happens to be M-1 Global’s lawyer) doesn’t always translate the things he says in their entirety. Here’s what Fedor actually said during the last Strikeforce press conference:

“Fighting for my country and my heritage is what motivates me. Nothing else … I’m not a UFC fan, so I believe our fight is more important (than Lesnar vs. Carwin). I’m not a fan of watching UFC fights. There is always a lot of negativity coming out of their fights. I don’t want to look too far ahead, I’m just focusing on Werdum. We have two fights left with Stirkeforce, and assuming everything goes well, I don’t see any reason why we wouldn’t continue the relationship. But I am considering retirement more and more often now. I’d like to finish out my contract without any losses and then just see what God has planned for me.”

But strangely enough, that whole “I am considering retirement more and more often now” line was left out of the original English translation given. Now this isn’t some crazy smoking gun that cracks open secret plans that Fedor is definitely going to retire after these next two fights. There was even another question about retirement that was translated in a straight forward manner: “Until I feel I come to a point where I feel I’m not as effective or I’m not getting what I want out of the sport, I’ll continue fighting.” But it is pretty interesting that M-1 missed that “Retirement’s starting to sound pretty good” detail in his other answer. Note to all MMA news sites: Ed Soares isn’t the only guy who’s translations you should probably double-check from now on.