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Fedor is still chubby

Henderson vs Emelianenko will be fought at Heavy Weight. Yes that’s right not the 220lbs first reported but the full 265 limit. Granted Fedor usually comes in less than that but this is not a step in the right direction for him. Sure it means he is again fighting a man way outside his weight class, remember he fought another MW/LHW in pothead Matt Lindland. I think we were all hoping this would be his first fight at 205 but when the 220 lbs number was thrown out there it was seen as a baby step for the ice cream fan. Guess he feels there are not enough freaks to fight at 205 for his taste.

As for Henderson he doesn’t give a shit because he is a true warrior, not always making the best decisions but always following through.

“Fight is at heavyweight,” Henderson stated.

When several fans alerted Henderson to Coker’s announcement, Henderson clarified again that the fight would be contested at heavyweight.

“Incorrect,” Henderson stated. “Ask [Coker] to show it to you because the [bout agreement] we have doesn’t say that, and furthermore it was never discussed. What is the point?”

Will the extra 30lbs of near natural weight favor Fedor or will Hendersons lighter fast body help him avoid thunder thighs? Shit, will Henderson come in super heavy and look like a shorter tanner version of Tim Sylvia? Only time will tell. Still looking forward to this fight since Henderson could knockout a horse and Fedor is still a top some number Heavy Weight.

  • fightfan says:

    Last fight on Fedor’s contract. 2 losses in a row & M-1 still got 1.5 million out of that?? Showtime gotta be paying a lot of that bill. I cant see Zuffa agreeing to that, since Fedor renegotiates a new contract after every fight. I bet Fedor retires after this because UFC is not gonna offer him 1.5 mil per. He will go back to Dream & fight a couele cans then retire

  • kvelertak says:

    No interested in this fight at all.

  • Reverend Clint says:

    that is if Dream is still around and/or can pay for fedor. I can see him leaving the Zuffa but where would be go? Japan is dead/broke and Europe isnt much better

  • fightfan says:

    That is whats going to be interesting. Zuffa will basically be hte only option to fight and hell will freeze over before they give him $1.5 million per fight. I’m guessing he’ll retire because you know them M-1 fuckers will be wanting M-1/UFC presents M-1/UFC 140, etc, etc. Its gonna be fun watching how Zuffa has the upper hand for the first time in Fedor/UFC negotiations. But there is a chance Fedor might lose to 40 yr Dan Henderson. I cant see Fedor beating anyone that top 5 or 6 UFC HWs. Dana might put him in there with Cain just to prove a point

  • warriorpower says:

    Dana might put him in there with Couture to prove that point.

  • Reverend Clint says:

    Fedor vs Struve… be like Pride all over again. HYHYPT would blow a load in his partners ass

  • glassjawsh says:

    good to see clint is still borderline illiterate

    dope fight though regardless of what weight it’s contested at

  • CAP says:

    ^I agree but the weight difference will be used as an issue win, lose or draw. I wouldn’t be surprised if Fedor retires with a loss here.

    Another scenerio is Zuffa can turn on the hype machine for Fedor and let him take a run at the heavyweight title. They can get a good return on a 1.5 mil payday for him. A lot of the top guys make around that with ppv earnings.

    Rampage/Hammil…they can sell anything.