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Fedor is probably fighting Rolles Gracie

Fans hoping for a Fedor miracle for UFC 146 are liable to be disappointed. Not only is it becoming mind-bogglingly apparent that the UFC is really going to try and salvage Dos Santos vs Overeem, but Fedor’s June fight in Russia has started to take shape. So who is he fighting?

In case you don’t remember Rolles, he fought Joey Beltran two years ago in a match that was so bad the UFC cut him after only the one fight. Since then he has semi-redeemed himself against journeymen opponents, most recently taking out supercan Bob Sapp. But all that just kinda underscores the fact that Gracie is not a worthy opponent for Fedor by any stretch of the imagination. He’s just a bankable last name M-1 hopes to make some money off.

So what happened to rumors that Fedor would fight Bobby Lashley? Funny story: Lashley will instead be fighting at the next Super Fight League event against James Thompson. I guess it’s better to be the can-crusher than the can.